Tuesday, July 4, 2017

[food review] Affordable Japanese fare at Misato

Misato is a contemporary and chic restaurant that serves exquisite Japanese cuisine at affordable prices. The restaurant only uses the finest premium ingredients which are imported directly from Japan for their dishes. Even the gloves and face masks used by the kitchen staff are from Japan too. Every dish is freshly cooked on the spot upon ordering to give a fresh and delectable taste of Japan to customers to indulge in!

Recently, they have relocated to The Centrepoint, and I am honored to have been invited for a tasting at their new location. 
The Chawanmushi (SGD4.90) is an ideal start to a meal, and it is a MUST-ORDER for me! The restaurant crafted it to perfection by using Homemade Dashi Stock which was cooked from scratch! I loved the smooth texture, and it made me wish to have more! 

Cha Soba is my MUST-HAVE entrée when visiting a Japanese restaurant, and I am very particular on the dipping sauce and texture of the soba noodles. The Cha Soba (SGD13.80) was served in a beautiful Bento Box, and the homemade dipping sauce was amazingly good. The chilled Soba had a springy bite texture, and it tasted wonderfully refreshing in the dipping sauce.
The Seafood Kaminabe Set (SGD20.80) is one of the best selections at Misato if you are keen for a hearty meal. The Japanese Hotpot consists of fresh Tiger Prawns, Norwegian Salmon, Chicken, Tofu, and assorted various mushrooms/vegetables. The fine balance of the Homemade Niboshi Broth between sweet and salty was perfect, especially once the various items are being slow cooked. The set comes along with Japanese rice and yuzu dipping sauce.

The Homemade Gyoza is going for SGD6.90 for 6 pieces, and SGD10.90 for 10 pieces
Each Gyoza tasted flavorful yet light due to the restaurant's preference of using chicken instead of pork for the Gyoza filling. 

The Okonomiyaki (SGD14.90) was my favourite dish during the tasting session, and is also one of the restaurant's Signature/Marquee dish. It reminded me of the quality of the ones being sold at Dotonburi, in Osaka! For the uninitiated, Okonomiyaki is a fluffy, savoury pancake like dish that contains various ingredients, such as Japanese Cabbage & Japanese Ham, which is then topped with Bonito Flakes. The crispy texture and enticing fragrance makes this delightful dish hard to resist. It had all the requirements for a good Okonomiyaki!  

The Mixed Fried Set (SGD18.80) was somewhat similar to a mixed Tempura Set, and it consists of Chicken, Fresh Tiger Prawn and Cheese Korokke that has been coated with fresh panko breadcrumbs! Home-cooked miso soup and delicious Japanese rice were served as companions to this dish, in order to round up the set!
Misato's specialty dessert, Sanshoku Warabi Mochi (SGD8.80) was served in an elegant crescent-shaped plate. This dessert dish uses high quality ingredients air-flown directly from Japan. 
We got to sample all 3 choices/flavors - Goma (black sesame), Kinako (roasted soy bean) and Matcha (green tea). I like the Kinako best! 

The Kuzukiri (SGD8.80) is another delicious dessert choice in Misato. This is a super uncommon Japanese dessert that is now being served at Misato in Singapore. The cold and slippery Japanese arrowroot noodles were served cold which looked like 'Horfun' and tasted like smooth jelly. It is accompanied by 'Kuromitsu' dipping sauce, which in Japanese literally means 'Black Honey'. You can either dip the 'Noodles' into the sauce or eat it on its own. 

Misato uses a highly exclusive green tea (matcha) powder imported from Nara prefecture, and Misato is the first in Singapore to use this ingredient. The Hot Matcha (SGD6.50) offered a clear and rich taste of green tea. 

The Matcha Bavarois (SGD7.80) is a great dessert to end off the meal. It had the best/super wobbly texture. The taste was marvellous and the texture is definitely worth the visit!
Do take note that Misato only prepares 12 servings of the Matcha Bavarois daily, in order to ensure the freshness and food quality! If you are a fan of Matcha pudding, then be there early to avoid disappointment. 

Misato offers Japanese cuisine at an affordable prices and I will be back again for the Matcha Bavarois and Okonomiyaki. Thanks for having us at this media tasting session, and it was definitely worth the visit!

176 Orchard Road, The Centrepoint #01-33E Singapore 238843
Opening Hours: 12pm-10pm daily (last order at 9pm) 

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