Wednesday, July 19, 2017

[Gaston Luga] Functional yet Stylist Backpack

I've always wanted to get a Classy-looking, medium sized backpack for my casual weekend outings, or even for travelling! So when Gaston Luga contacted me about their backpacks, I knew I had to jump at this opportunity!
This backpack I'm showcasing here is from the 'Praper Collection'. GASTON Luga is a Swedish based designer that makes stylish, yet durable top notch backpacks!
I was torn between the two choices I had narrowed down of 'Blue-Brown', and 'Black-Olive'. I decided to choose the 'Black-Olive' as I felt it was rather 'Atas'! Definitely chic enough for casual outings, yet classy enough to say, walk down the central business district!
Check out this small unique compartment, located right where one's back would be when carrying the backpack. There is a small compartment to place valuable items, such as a passport, cash, an EZ-Link card, and keys! The depth of the pocket suits the passport fully, and it is safe for solo travellers who fear pickpocket, as it is near impossible to fish out a person's valuables from this hidden compartment!
 I love the metal hook closure, and you can adjust the metal hook closure to change the length of your backpack to suit your preference! 
Apart from the Praper Collection, they have 2 other main collections, Classy and Classic
Lately, I have been using the Gaston Luga backpack for weekend causal outings, and it goes with all my outfits! The bag is spacious enough to store most of my belongings. I really do like the elegant exterior, as it has a simple yet really class design that suits any occasion! It is a pity I did not have this bag on any of my past trips, as I am very confident it would have been the perfect look!
To me, Gaston Luga backpacks are very special as they are a fashion statement, yet are fully functional and are a joy to use! Everyone should at least try to own this backpack, as it guarantees you to look like a 'Fashionista'!
If you would like to own a stylish backpack from Gaston Luga, you can order yours from Gaston Luga's website. Although the transaction might seem lengthy, as the order go through to Sweden, delivery is speedy via DHL EXPRESS!
For Singapore buyers, ordering from Gaston Luga entitles you to free shipping, as well as a 20% Discount due to tax rebate for NON-EU Countries! And if you use my promo code 'jess15', you get an additional 15% off, when you order your backpack from Singapore! 

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