Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A visit to Singapore Night Safari

Thanks Wildlife Reserves Singapore Group for a pair of tickets to the Night Safari! It is the world's first nocturnal zoo which was officially opened in 1994.

It had been a long hiatus since I went to the Night Safari, and finally I had the chance to visit the park again. 

The tram ride was included in the admission tickets that we had, and it took tourists on an approximate 40 minute ride around the entire park! The queue was horrendously long but it was moving fast. Well, I guess the tram can take many passengers at one go! 

The animals were active at night, and I only took a few photos, before focusing on enjoying the tram ride. Being a nocturnal zoo, the lights had been set up to resemble moonlight. Excessive light will blind the animals, and therefore flash photography is strictly prohibited. It was also a big challenge for me to take good photos under such poor lighting conditions!

We explored 4 walking trails by foot, and each trail took us about 20 minutes. Do note that the walking trails are not accessible by the tram!

We went to the watch the park's special show, 'Creatures of the Night', and the show was pretty entertaining! My only gripe was that a lot of tourists were leaving the show halfway, and it kinda disrupted the performance.

 We left the park around 11pm plus, and both Baby and I had a pleasurable experience in the park! Thanks for the tickets once again! 

Christmas Day is around the corner, and I can feel the strong mood of the forthcoming festive season. There are many Christmas related stuffs being sold, and as usual, the shopping malls are blasting Christmas songs relentlessly!

I took a random photo with the mini X'mas tree! Merry Christmas, everyone! 

I end my post with my random weekday dinner with my Baby at the Central HK Cafe which is located at VivoCity. The sausages with fried egg rice tasted yummy, but most importantly, it is affordable yet filling! 

Lastly, thanks Fancl for the try out on their Tense-Up Collagen Drink! 

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