Friday, December 1, 2017

[part 1] random short trip to Tokyo

Baby went to Tokyo, Japan for a business trip, just 2 days after we had arrived back in Singapore from New Zealand in April. He left SG on Thursday morning for his work trip, and due to the coming Monday being a public holiday (MAYDAY), I decided to join him over the long weekend holiday! I purchased my air ticket during my NZ holiday, and my flight was schedule for Saturday morning!
During Baby's absence, he Face-timed me every night to share with me on his day at Tokyo, as well as to show me the room he was staying in during the work trip, as it was vastly different from the usual hotel we normally stay in during our trips to Tokyo. I left work on Friday and headed home for some last minute packing. I was glad that Jasmine's hubby, Ryden was kind enough to give me a lift to the airport at 2.30am on the Saturday morning I was supposed to fly off! He came by on behalf of Jasmine to deliver their daughter's Full-Month celebration gifts/pastries, hence he offered to send me to the airport!
Being alone at the airport around 3am was kind of boring, as most of the shops were repetitive after a while, and everyone was obviously sleeping, including Baby in Japan. As my flight was only scheduled to take off 2 hours later, I decided to take a quick nap in the transit hall while waiting for the gate to be opened!

 I had a pleasant 7-hour flight to Tokyo with Delta Airlines, and I reached Tokyo near to 2pm local time (do note that Japan is an hour ahead than us). Upon reaching Narita Airport, I turned on my WI-FI to get connected with Baby. I informed him that I had landed in Tokyo, as he was waiting to pick me up at the airport. I was delighted to receive an apps message that he already at the airport waiting for me. How sweet of him!

After clearing the customs at the airport, I made my exit and saw Baby waving to me at the arrival hall. I felt tremendously happy and touched at the same time. Absence does make the heart grow fonder!
As Baby's hotel was in the heart of Ginza, and not at Shinjuku where we usually stay, we bought bus/limousine tickets which took us straight to our hotel! Normally we take the NEX Tokyo train, but this bus service was just as efficient! After about an hour's drive, we finally reached the very posh Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier!


The room was fabulous, and it was 100X better than our usual hotel in Shinjuku. Check out the view and setting of the room! I was very surprised to discover that all refreshments in the room, inclusive of the minibar were complimentary! There were various drinks and snacks, and even a bottle of red wine!

I went over to the bathroom, and all the toiletries they offered were from Shiseido and Bvlgari. There was a complete bag of skincare products from Omnisens, Paris, as well as toiletries that were replenished daily!

After putting my luggage in the room, we walked to Pedestrians' Paradise in Ginza to do some shopping. Ginza is Japan's biggest luxury shopping and entertainment district. Any fashion brands and department store that are located in Ginza are considered to be of the highest status and calibre in the fashion industry! Think akin to Orchard Road, but perhaps twice as luxurious.

Pedestrian's Paradise is located at Ginza's main shopping street, which is closed to automobile traffic on weekend afternoons between 12pm to 6pm! This event has been held continuously since the 1970s, as it gives a relaxed feel on a weekend afternoon.  

I picked up a bag charm from GU as they were having a collaboration with Sailor Moon for ¥590.

We stopped by Kimuraya Bakery to get some traditional Japanese bread with azurite red bean paste, and these bakery snacks are very popular among the locals. The bread/buns tasted uber yummy but do note that they cost a hefty amount for a red bean bun! They are, afterall from the oldest and first western styled bakery in Japan!



We had comfort Japanese food for our dinner at one of the nearby Soba noodle shops near our hotel! It was delicious, and we were very full after the meal. However, while walking back to the hotel, Baby saw his favourite all time Japanese snack/dessert, and he immediately had to have some! The Yakitai was made fresh and was the perfect dessert for him!

Time to relax in the bathtub after a long day, and I shall continue my short trip to Tokyo in my next post! Thanks for reading :)


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