Friday, December 8, 2017

[tasting event] Enjoy 100% natural goodness by Mr Coconut

Recently, Mr Coconut celebrated their re-opening of their renovated flagship store at Far East Plaza. The newly revamped store offers a brand new menu of 20 refreshing drinks that use 100% natural coconuts!
I was glad to be invited to experience the fresh taste and goodness of Mr Coconut's made-to-order drink, which is prepared with fresh water. Mr Coconut is the Pioneer of coconut drinks in Singapore, leading the way to offer an array of selection of flavors that definitely pamper us with more choices.
Check out Mr Coconut's crown jewel, the Signature Coconut Shake which is vegan, dairy-free and healthy! It is made of fresh milk and coconut water from the sweetest young Thai coconuts, that are then blended with crushed ice. I love this refreshing drink, and it is perfect beverage to cool us down, as well as to keep us well hydrated under Singapore's hot climate.
Coconuts are well-loved by many people around the world and are also popular for their multiple health benefits and taste. 
During the tasting event, we met up with the founders of Mr Coconut, Mr Andrew Cai and his wifey Ms Vivian Yeo. They shared with us on their inspiration to set up this business, which was inspired by the famous coconut shakes from Malacca during a visit they had at Ms Vivian's hometown.
I enjoyed the best-selling Signature Coconut Shake (SGD3.90) very much, as I love the natural sweetness of the drink. 
Coconut Mango Shake (SGD5.10)
The mango complemented pretty well with the coconut that pleased my taste-buds! 
Coconut Avocado Shake (SGD5.30)

Apart from shakes, we also tried out the bubble coconut drinks too. 
Bubble Dragonfruit Coconut (SGD4.80) was surprisingly delicious, although I am not really a fan of dragonfruit.  

Bubble Honeydew Coconut (SGD4.60) 

Lastly, the Bubble starfruit Coconut (SGD4.50) was the highly recommended drink by the founders during the tasting event, as starfruit is great for health benefits! 

Mr Coconut also serves Coconut Ice-cream (SGD4.90), and this is one of the items that left me wanting for more! You can choose up to 3 toppings, and any additional choices will be at a charge of 50 cents per add-on!
Both Tracy and I shared a single serving as it was enough to feed 2 persons. We picked up Aloe Vera bits, Corn bits and Nata de Coco. This dessert was fantastic and it was definitely worth a mention! 
There are some good news to share with you as Mr Coconut will be giving out free drinks on 9th December 2017, Saturday at all 3 outlets in Singapore!
You can find the list of the locations below: 
1) Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road #01-14C, Singapore 228213
2) V Hotel Lavender 70 Jellicoe Road #01-15, Singapore 208767
3) Northpoint City 930 Yishun Avenue 2,#B1-42, Singapore 769098

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