[part 2] My Circuit Breaker journey

I am back with more updates on my Circuit Breaker Journey. I used to go out every weekend, and meet up with my friends for meal gatherings or attending events on weekdays after work. After these 2 months of Circuit Breaker, I finally adapted myself to staying home, and only go out for essential needs if necessary. 

I made an appointment with my regular hairstylist for a haircut. I felt fresher after the haircut. Thanks Shinya-san for the nice haircut! 

I continue to while away my time during this Circuit Breaker by watching dramas online. Here are my recommendations! 

It has been a long hiatus since I last purchased new earrings. I prefer to buy them from the shops physically as compared to getting them online. Although it may be cheaper shopping online, I still prefer to shop at the stores as I can physically test the earrings on the quality and workmanship! This is my latest pair which I had previously purchased in Johor Bahru back in January. It cost me only RM5. 

I had BBQ Pork Rice Roll for breakfast. We drove to Woodlands Terrace, and got it from a retail shop called Singapore Hand-made Dim Sum. I love their inexpensive yet yummy food selection!

Thanks to Mum Vi, who made Hainanese Kaya Spread to go with our toasts in the mornings! 

We used to eat out on Sundays for Dim Sum Brunches, but naturally this is temporarily not possible due to the Circuit Breaker. However, we can still have Dim Sum in the comfort of our own home on Sundays!

Mum Vi loves the Dim Sum selection from East Bistro, and they are giving away 20% off for self-take-out. Baby decided to make use of this promotion to get for our brunch fix. We were pleased that the food items tasted as good as dining in at their premises! 

Both Baby and I have been working from home during this period, and Mum Vi has been cooking a lot for us. However sometimes we decide Mum Vi needs a rest so we will go to the nearest eateries to our place to get take-out meals instead. Examples are such as getting roasted meats while Mum Vi just boils rice and prepares some vegetables as a side dish, for a simple meal.

We had steamboat dinner again on one of random weekends. Baby and I went out to get some steamboat food items for our dinner. We did all the preparation as a way to show our appreciation to Mum Vi for cooking for us on weekdays! I felt blessed to have a sumptuous dinner always after I end my ‘work’ at home! 

Recently, Mum Vi ordered some fresh meat (chicken & Pork) via Shopee, and the delivery was prompt. The damage is definitely way cheaper as compared to those selling in the supermarkets. This is one of the ways to save money during the CB period. 

Thanks Mum Vi for preparing the Chicken Rice for our dinner indulgence. I love home-cooked food, as they are general healthier! 

With the pork and chicken that Mum Vi bought online, she cooked Braised Pork Belly (Dong Po Rou) for us. OM! It tasted yummy, and I enjoyed every bit of it!  

Recently, Mum Vi used ‘Granny’s Curry Powder’ to whip up a nice dinner, as both Baby and I love Curry Chicken very much. This is one of the best homemade Chicken Curry I have ever eaten! The Granny’s Curry Powder smells fragrant and I love the Peranakan packaging. 

For those who are interested to try out the yummy homemade curry, you can request for a FREE Pack of Granny's Curry Powder through their Facebook Page

We had a lavish home-cooked dinner on a random weekday. Mum Vi whipped out a plate of Greenies with Mushroom and Abalone and Pork Loin with Plum SauceThey tasted just like the ones normally served during wedding course dinners!

I received a SGD50 Fairprice online voucher from the Home Tester Club. I purchased so many foodstuffs that  had to pay an extra SGD2 as I had exceeded the voucher's value! Thanks so much for the voucher which came in handy during this circuit breaker! 

Finally, we are into Phase 1 of the safe re-opening, and I got to visit my parents who are not staying with me during the Circuit Breaker period. Thanks Mommy for the lovely dinner. I miss you so much! 


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