[product review] Senka Suijyun Deep Moist

Recently, I signed up for the 'Daily Vanity Review Program', and I got a reply from them on joining a review campaign on the skincare brand - Senka Suijyun Deep Moist Gel Cream for their newest Suijyun Deep Moist Skincare range.

I received the entire range of Senka Suijyun Deep Moist which includes the following:- Lotion I, Lotion II, Emulsion and of course, the star product - Gel Cream.

Senka started out by providing a range of highly effective cleansing products that catered to a wide range of skincare needs, and they are now proud to present their latest range - Senka Suijyun Deep moist skincare range. 

With Singapore’s humid climate, our skin produces more sebum. Sebum usually leads to dullness of the skin and clogs pores. You may opt for a gel-based moisturiser as it is definitely a good compromise.

The Senka Suijyun Deep Moist Gel Cream comes encased in a simple blue glass jar, which gives me a clean and clear feeling. It is suitable for dry and various other combination types of skin. It is deeply moisturising and locks in moisture by increasing the skin's barrier. It also offers long hours of continuous hydration. 

Looking at the gel cream, it has a nice scent and a light texture. The cream gel absorbs into the skin easily and my skin felt soft and incredibly hydrated. Without a doubt, I love it very much! 

Apart from using it as a moisturiser in the day, I also use it as a sleeping mask for my overnight fix as I usually sleep in an air-conditioned room. This marks the last step of my skincare regime. My skin feels fresh and awakened without any hint of stickiness after each application.

I love the long lasting moisturizing feeling that keeps my skin hydrated. It penetrated into my skin easily and left it deeply moisturised. It contains no alcohol and no fragrance, thus it is suitable for sensitive skin as well as minimises the chance of causing allergies. 

For the 'Deep Moist Emulsion', I tend to use it in the morning as it is a lightweight and fuss-free application! It is quick, convenient and great for busy work mornings. 

Senka Suijyun Deep Moist range will help to achieve bare moisturised and beautiful skin. For people who wear makeup, this range will also help to keep their makeup long lasting and application will be much smoother and easier. Overall, I love the range very much, as I feel safe using them. Most importantly, my skin feels more supple and hydrated as compared to before. 

Thanks Senka for the beauty journey that provides me the very best of what I actually need. Lastly, thanks for the wonderful try out and the smooth delivery of the products.

This post is a collaboration with Daily Vanity and SenkaReviews are based on personal experiences/opinions. 


I dont know this brand.

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