[random] Kim Choo Kueh Chang + DIY - Simple home-cooked recipes

Kim Choo Kueh Chang is most famous for their Nonya Rice Dumpling (or Nonya chang) and Traditional Salty Dumpling (or bak chang). They offer an array of other Nonya kuehs and cookies/snacks too. As the Dumpling Festival is around the corner, I decided to ask Baby to drive to East Coast Road to buy my all-time favorite Nonya Dumplings. We picked up 4 normal-sized and 4 mini-sized dumplings. The damage was about SGD27. 

Kim Choo's Nonya Rice Dumpling is one of the best in Singapore, as the glutinous rice dumpling has a pleasant fragrance and good texture. Both my mommy and I love their bite-sized mini Nonya dumplings very much. 


Great food must be eaten fresh, hence we heated them up with our new multi-gourmet steamer and ate them as our breakfast the very next day!

I've developed a craving for titbits and snacks ever since I started my daily  telecommuting from home. Luckily, I've chosen Kellogg's Special K Blueberry & Almond as my healthier choice for breakfast or as a snack! I like to eat the cereal with non-fat yogurt, as it keeps my cereal crunchy as milk makes it soggy after a while!

I love the new delicious taste of the Kellogg's Special K Blueberry & Almond! It's not overly sweet, and you can really taste the blueberry as well as the crunch of the almond! The cereal is great for those who are health conscious, as the juicy blueberries are chock full of vitamins and the flakes are naturally flavored with no preservatives added! 

Thanks MIL for preparing Ham & Cheese Toast for us on a Saturday morning! I feel blessed and loved! 

I am new to Huxley, and I received this Antioxidant Trial Kit through a Clozette Event earlier this year, as they were one if the sponsors for the event. I love how Huxley keeps the skin routine simple, as less is more! I’m loving it each day, as I felt that my skin looks suppler after using it for a week plus! 

Thanks to my Dearie Meryl for passing the Eighteen supplements by Eight Karats. To my surprise, the pink soft-gel pill tasted sweet and it is easy to swallow too. Look at the sweet notes that Meryl had written for me! I felt touched by your lovely gesture!

Simple recipes to share with you guys and I hope you can try them at home too! 
First dish - Steamed Potatoes with Chinese Sausages (lup cheong), and this dish requires no seasoning at all. Without any further ado, let me show you the step by step instructions below:-

3 medium-sized Potatoes
2 Chinese Sausages 

Clean the potatoes. Peel and thinly slice them. Arrange the sliced potatoes on a plate. Placed the Chinese Sausages on the sliced potatoes and steam over high heat for 10 minutes. 

Pour away the excess water in the plate that was collected during the steaming process. Remove the Chinese sausages and cut diagonally then placed them back on the cooked potatoes. Serve hot! 

Next, another simple yet yummy dish - Steamed Silky Tofu. 
 Simply topped with crispy fried onions and light soya sauce after the tofu was steamed for 5 minutes! 

Finally, I got to see my adorable Niece! She is still as stubborn and as active as before. Absence definitely makes the heart grows fonder, as she kept clinging to me more as compared to last time!

Durian season is upon us, and therefore I shall end my post with delicious Golden Phoenix (Jin Feng Durian). If you don’t have a sweet tooth, go for the uncommon Golden Phoenix durian instead. It has a smaller seed as compared to other types of durians. With that, you can expect a generous amount of flesh, and it definitely worth the price paid! Golden Phoenix Durian is not overly pungent or strong, so if you're new to durians this might be suitable for you!

Lastly, I continue to pamper my skin on every Friday before I go to bed. I end the night with a nice session with Dr Jart+


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