[Food Review] Original Thai Taste at Kin Hoi

Shellfish has been consumed all over the world for centuries, as they are rich in lean protein, healthy fats, and minerals. Shellfish are most nutritious when steamed or baked. A couple of weeks ago I met up with a couple of blogger friends for a food tasting session at Kin Hoi.

Kin Hoi is located at Holland Close Coffee shop which houses awesome merchants such as Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice and Pung Pung Kitchen which offers tasty cze char dishes! However, we were there for Kin Hoi, which offers an Original Thai Taste that definitely warms your heart with their delicious food! They are known for their fresh, ready-to-eat shellfish!

Kin Hoi originally started as a seafood business online, which only till recently, the owner of Kin Hoi ventured to open a seafood stall at a coffee shop along Block 6 Holland Close. Besides operating physically at the food court, they also work closely with Foodpanda to deliver their seafood to their customers' homes.

Although the stall is only open from 4pm to 10pm, their work starts as early at 6am. They prepare their daily seafood stocks, and get the orders ready for delivery. 

If you love oysters, you would be happy to know Kin Hoi offers fresh palm-size King Oysters for just SGD3.50 each and the oysters are imported from Japan! The oysters are fresh, creamy and large. This eatery place was absolutely packed due to its great value for money and tasty food! 

The Blood Cockles are extremely popular and heavily consumed in Thailand. They are lightly boiled and served with a dipping sauce, and are incredibly fresh! For any shell-fish lovers, they are superb!

One thing I need and love when eating cockles is the accompanying dipping sauce - The SOUR LIME AND CHILLI Dipping Sauce captured my heart, and I loved eating them with it! This Zesty Thai-style dip spices up my appetite!

If you like Cockles Thai-Style, you should not miss out on this signature dish from Kin Hoi as they did it well. There was definitely no sand or muddy taste!

The Thai Vermicelli Salad (Yum Wun Sen) - SGD6 is a traditional glass noodle salad originating from Thailand. Kin Hoi’s version of Yum Wun Sen is packed with vibrant flavors. I enjoyed every bit of the delicious lime and sweet chili dressing which was used on the Thai Vermicelli Salad. 

We also tried the Thai cold dish – Top Shell Salad (SGD8) which was pretty good and can be a perfect appetizer!

These edible sea snails are affectionately called Gong Gong (贡贡); they are also known as pearl conch and are often seen on the menus of BBQ seafood hawker stalls. The best way to savor the freshness of these Gong Gong is to either boil or steam them.

It is usually cooked by steaming and the meat is then pulled out using either a satay stick or by pulling out its tail. Dip them in the home-made Thai chili sauce for an extra kick! While it is said that the entire part of the meat was edible, I personally will still remove the bottom black hard part. When they are cooked perfectly, the flesh is firm, springy and QQ, with a natural seafood savory sweetness. Kin Hoi nailed them well!

Ironically, the Grilled Honey Grilled Pork (SGD6/SGD12) was my favorite item during our tasting session. It was the best honey grilled pork that I have ever eaten. All the flavors are retained in the meat, making it JUICY, sweet, soft and tender!

We were given a suggestion by the owner of Kin Hoi to order some buns to eat together with the pork slices. However, if you want something less filling, you should eat it on its own! 

I am not a fan of Mussels, but surprisingly, I quite enjoyed their homegrown Mussels, as they washed them until they were very thoroughly cleaned! The texture of the Mussels cooked Thai-Style (SGD6/SGD12) were chewy and tasted fresh and sweet! 

Do follow the Kin Hoi on Facebook and Instagram for updates and promotions. Thanks Dawn & Daniel for hosting us!

Kin Hoi
Block 6 Holland Close
Opening hours: 4pm to 10pm (Tuesday - Sunday)

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Kin Hoi. Reviews are based on personal experiences.


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