[All about food] Ippudo Ramen + Soi 47 Thai Food + PAUL Bakery + Tan Yu 探鱼

It has been 3 years of hiatus since I last visited Ippudo Ramen, therefore Baby suggested to go there for our dinner fix. We settled at the outlet which is located at the basement of Marina Bay Sands.

We ordered a bowl of ramen each as our main course, as well as a side dish. The damage was pretty hefty as we paid SGD50-ish. We both enjoyed the rich broth and chewy ramen texture!

I re-visited Soi 47 Thai Food which is located at King George Road. We started off with our favorite Thai Prawn Cake, and it tasted super yummy!

We ordered a bowl of Tom Yum Cream Soup with Seafood. The spiciness level was just right for us, as it was pretty authentic. The soup does come with generous portions of seafood, which included fried fish and prawn. The total damage was about SGD30+. 

On the last week of February, I met up with Tracy for lunch, and we settled at PAUL Bakery. This café offers a wide collection of French pastries and they also offer all-day breakfast. We settled ourselves at the outlet in the CBD area, as both of us took a half day off from our work. As usual, Tracy made use of her Entertainer App that allowed us to obtain a 1-for-1 deal! 

We went for their delicious 'All-Day Breakfast' menu. With the aid of the app, we only paid for 1 main course, which made our dining an affordable one! Thanks for making time for this lunch gathering, and thanks for the birthday gift! 

Every year, on 'Yuan Xiao', the last day of Chinese New Year, Baby and I will head to a Chinese eatery place/restaurant to celebrate and to conclude the New Year. However, this year is different, as my brother and I decided to bring our parents to Tan Yu which is located at Bugis Junction.

This was my first time visiting this eatery. We ordered 2 different flavors, and the Grilled Fish with Green Pepper is the most popular choice in Tan Yu. It has a generous scattering of spicy green peppers on the fish, and the Grilled fish with Soy Sauce is truly classic. Thanks for the introduction, Bro H and we (RKM) enjoyed it very much!


I want to eat ramen in restaurant.

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