[FOOD REVIEW] Seng Coffee Bar - Hidden Food Gem in the East

Seng Coffee Bar, a good choice for all-day breakfast in Singapore, is located within Bedok district, and it is just a short walking distance from Kembangan MRT Station

Before this café is open to the public, we were invited for a pre-launched food tasting. 

If you love tea, then I strongly recommended their Lychee Kris Grey (SGD9) which is served by the pot. 

Contents - black tea, green tea, blue cornflower, blue pea flower, bergamot, lychee flavoring and silver dust.

Mentaiko Fries (SGD12) 

The Fried Nan Lu Chicken (SGD12) smelled so good, and I love the accompanying house-made chilli which had a strong garlicky taste. The hot sauce paired well with the chicken. The meat on the other hand is well marinated with their Nan Lu (南乳 or fermented beancurd sauce).

Ginger Sake Clam (SGD13) 

Japanese Purple Sweet Potato Chips with Chef Chua’s Curry Mayo (SGD10) 

Roasted Curry Cauliflower (SGD12) 

I had Prawn Aglio Olio (SGD22) and it was pretty good. The pasta was served with big juicy grilled king prawns. The chef was very generous with the seasoning which makes this dish tasted better! 

The Mentaiko Mac and Cheese (SGD18) is a bold attempt an Asian Fusion dish, and it is served in a hot pan which helps in keeping the cheese warm for the mozzarella cheese pull.

Ribeye Steak (SGD28)

The Fried Cod Fish Burger (SGD23) is a conventional looking burger, and it was tasty too!

The Salted Egg Chicken Burger (SGD16) looked promising. The chicken meat was thick and well cooked, and the salted egg yolk sauce was thick and savoury.

Grilled Sea Bass (SGD22) 

Finally, dessert! Do you know that Cempedak is similar to jackfruit in their taste, and I was surprised the Cempedak Creme Brûlée (SGD8) was pretty well done for a local twist on a classic French dessert.

The Chocolate Lava Cake (SGD12) came beautifully plated with sliced strawberries and blueberries, chocolate soil and a scoop of vanilla ice cream served by the side. The cake was soft, chewy and moist with hot flowing chocolate lava. 

Dining at Seng Coffee Bar is never a bad choice, as you can expect great food, a cozy setting and a nice dining experience. Looking for something to a meal gathering? This place will no doubt be ideal, as it has a cozy atmosphere and an outdoor eating area which provides plenty of natural light for perfect Instagram shots! Of course, the food and their serving portions don’t disappoint either! Remember to add the Mentaiko Fries and Fried Nan Lu Chicken to your order list! 

Thanks Irene for the arrangement and Seng Coffee Bar for the kind hospitality. Thanks Renuka for the lovely group photo. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends and family members, and I will be back soon to try their Breakfast selection that is only served from 10am to 5pm. 

Seng Coffee Bar

389 Changi Rd, Singapore 419838

Open daily from 11am-10.30pm daily

Website: https://sengcoffeebar.sg/


This drink looks amazing!

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