Goodbye Momma Kong’s + BBQ session at KelJessLoft

After 9 years, Momma Kong's has sadly closed their doors to all their lovely customers after their lease was up at Mosque Street. RKM decided to re-visit this eatery place before it was closed for good! Our last visit was way back in 2015.

We ordered chilli crab and we love the unique fried Mantou from Momma Kong's, as it layered like a croissant and the texture is soft too.

This local eatery place offered a one of a kind unique Crab Broth (CB) Hokkien Mee which we doubt that we can find anywhere else… help!!!

I had a delightful dinner at Momma Kong's, and all the best, hope our paths may cross in the future. Lastly, thanks Baby for the wonderful meal!

We got a steal from HOUZE - Homeware Superstore which is located at Paya Lebar Quarters (PLQ MALL) as they were having warehouse sales! We purchased a BBQ device from Tefal - OptiGrill. I love the cooking level indicator which will notify us with a beep when the meat is grilled! It's really easy! We only paid SGD168 whereby the original price was almost SGD300.

We decided to have another round of DIY BBQ session at our balcony to end our Sunday! We picked up some meat from Donki and a pack of Oden too.

We served up a hot pan of Oden, and we also added leeks and seaweed to the soup! We were glad that our BBQ turned up pretty great, as the meat was well-cooked and the device kept our whole balcony greasy-free and smell-free! Most importantly, it was easy to clean after the session! We enjoyed our BBQ dinner, and we will do it more often in the near future!

The Official Adidas website recently had an extra 30% off on their sales items for online members. Free delivery was thrown in as well. Good deal indeed!

Both Baby and I picked up a pair of shoes through this promotion. I got this Stan Smith Originals Series at only SGD73, while Baby got this pair of Basketball shoes - Dame 7 for SGD95!

I end my post with my tea corner which I named it as ‘RKMteaMoment’. We have finished almost all the tea bags within these 5 months. At the same time, we added more tea bags, tea powder and loose tea leaves which we kept in glass bottles.


I like this first shoes.

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