[Day Outing] Jumptopia: Wonder Garden + Singapore Zoo - Brickasaurs World

Chewy and I together with the kids made a trip to Jumptopia: Wonder Garden, and it is an Indoor Inflatable Park located at the Bayfront Pavilion of the Gardens by the Bay. There are 8 different play concepts featuring bouncy castles, and each playground was  enormous and as wonderful as we had expected! 

HayBoy, KaeGirl and Rena had a bouncing good time at the beautiful bouncy castle playground at Jumptopia!

KaeGirl loves playing slide at the Drago’s Tropical Forest and she played for more than 10 times in a row, while Chewy and I relaxed ourselves inside the giant pink swan! 

The colorful garden-themed bouncy castle playground looked beautiful, and it is a must-visit for our family indeed! 

Thanks for the invite, and it was a fun weekend for the kids! 

Thanks Meryl x Starbucks for the tickets to the Singapore Zoo! It had been a super long hiatus since I went to the Singapore Zoo and finally I had the chance to re-visit the park again. 

There is special exhibition going on at the Singapore Zoo - Brickasaurs World. There are over 60 life-size dinosaurs in the park, and these amazing displays were constructed using LEGO® bricks!

We took many photos of these awesome and incredible visual displays. We loved one of the displays very much, and therefore we took a wefie against it!

All visitors are welcome to hop on and down the tram ride without any charges! We took a wefie on the tram. 

We went to the watch the park's animal show, 'Splash Safari', and the show was pretty entertaining!

All of us had a pleasurable experience in the park! Thanks for the tickets once again! 


Jumpotia is amazing place for children

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