[product review] Chrysalis Silk Treasures by Alexandr&Co. + L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Steam Mask Sleek

I am very particular about the products that I apply on my face due to my sensitive skin. As my skin ages, I can sense immediately when a product isn’t moisturizing enough, or if it is too rich for my skin.

I was delighted to be introduced to Alexandr&Co. and started incorporating their products into my skincare routine. It is a Singapore-born luxury skincare range which is made in Japan.

I’ve been trying the Chrysalis Seritone Essence and Seriguard Moisturizer from Alexandr&Co. ever since I got my hands on them. After using the products for about a week or so, I find that I am now totally in love with them! My skin has become brighter and firmer significantly. I’m a very happy user!

Those with dry and sensitive skin like me will definitely love this cream! It’s packed with moisturizing and anti-aging benefits that my skin loves.

Definitely one of the best anti-aging skincare products I've tried before! Always remember, it’s never too late to start the process of slowing down skin aging! If you are considering a gentle yet effective anti-aging skincare, Alexandr&Co. is your perfect choice!

Do check them out and remember to use my promo code (BRA9FQ006XS7) to receive a 15% discount off all items on the Alexandr&Co website! It is valid till 30 August 2022, and all purchases must be made online at www.alexandr-co.com only.

I recently enjoyed a home DIY hair spa with the L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Steam Mask Sleek. I used it after my regular shampoo and conditioner on damp hair. This mask helps to moisturize, improve the health of my scalp and boost the strength of my hair.

I was pretty amazed by the steam cap because it looked just like an ordinary shower cap. The heat allows the hair mask to melt into the hair for strengthened, protected locks.


The scent of the Extraordinary Oil Steam Mask Sleek was splendid. My hair feels smooth and soft. I loved how my hair shined healthier under the sun, and I am a happy user as my frizzes were greatly reduced!

Cheers to good hair days! Thank you Home Tester Club for sending the product over!


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