Thursday, October 22, 2009

22 again.... Baby's TLC makes my day

We had been together for 14 months le... Baby greeted me with his 'Ai Xin' breakfast when he picked me up to work in the morning... He placed @ the compartment near to the passenger's seat... He made Lava Egg Mayo Sandwich with lots of mayo & cucumbers... yummy!!! Words can't really express the new chapter in my heart. The days that we have shared are too cherishable to forget... You are the only one that matters in my heart. I sum all my love for you up when I say "As long as you love me, my world will never shatter". Our love continues to last and will keep both of us happy always. To mark this special anniversary day. I love you my Baby Kel-ling. I vow, I always will, it is a guarantee...

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