Sunday, April 25, 2010


I RVSP-ed for the contest-event on the 08/APR...

Gotta a reply from Luxasia on the 20/Apr... Due to overwhelming response, the management has decided to shortlist the contestants. In order to finalize the selection, we require you to send via email a recent 3R size color photo of yourself by 21st April'10 (Wednesday) before 5pm.Successful contestants will be notified via email by 22nd April with the Style Contest details. So I fulfilled their request by emailing them my photo....

To my surprise... received their confirmation that I have been shortlisted... I was been selected as one of the contestants for the Paris Hilton Style Contest...

Contest Requirement:-
Come dressed and glamoursly made up as Paris herself and meet us at Tangs Orchard Level 1, Paris Hilton Handbags counter on 24 April 2010 (Saturday) at 4.00pm sharp.

The following is the criteria that you will be judged on:-

1) Look like Paris - 50%

2) Personality like Paris - 30%

3) Strut like Paris - 20%

However... Gotta give this contest a miss... due to last-time got some urgent matter on hand... So Sad... Sigh! Don't fret.. cos good things come to those who wait ; Better things come to those who are patience - My forever quote... (all copyright reserves... hahaha!)

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