Saturday, September 24, 2011

Food Tasting & Birthday Celebration @ The Eastern Restaurant

Attended a food tasting session @ The Eastern Restaurant with my Baby & a group of blogger friends few weeks ago. Thanks to William's influence, he brought us there...

Located at the very end of The Centrepoint, the quality and freshness of the food served is definitely on par with some reputable Chinese restaurants... This eatery place has been listed as one of my fave food haunts for Shanghainese Cuisine as their dishes are priced affordably.

This is one of my personal favourites... Thin & soft wanton skin with delicious meat filling. Tasted great with the spicy vinegar sauce without much oily feel, but most importantly, this dish perked up my appetite!

The clear soup base was light and fragrant... The meat filling was juicy and well marinated.

The size of the 'Xiao Long Bao' is much smaller than other restaurants, but nevertheless, they tasted really good and I savored every bit.

The custard buns are the 'must order' in every dim sum feast... The sweetness of the filling was just right for me.

Ad-hoc celebration of Terence's birthday... Happy 'bird-day' dude!

With the gals...
Group pix with the Birthday Boy - Terence

We had a pleasureable dining experience... Great place for gathering as well and lastly, we enjoyed our dinner as a whole. Will definitely come back for more in the future...

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