Saturday, September 17, 2011

Great food never fails me

Baby won SGD50 worth of Far East Square vouchers by voting for his favourite OMY Gastromania blogger... As I am one of the bloggers for that contest, he voted for me. However he also voted for William Tan as well... Baby got selected to be one of 5 lucky voters as William Tan was crowned as the favourite Gastromania blogger for the voting contest...
We decided to use them @ Zhou's Kitchen... As I was craving for their Crispy Roasted Chicken...

We ordered a Sour & Spicy Soup to perks up our appetites... Pretty tasty and I love the starchy feeling and the ingredients was generous too..

I ordered a GEM from Zhou's Kitchen, and that is my favourite dish - Half Crispy Roasted Chicken... Apparently I was too excited when it was served to my table that I started to tuck in without realizing that I haven't took a photo snap for it... *Sigh!*

I enjoyed every bit of the roasted chicken... A definitely a MUST TRY item... I love the thin crispy skin which loosely covers tender juicy tasty meat.

Lastly, we ordered a big bowl of Curry Fish Head... It was super yummy, the fish meat is fresh and melted in my mouth. I love the curry gravy very much as it was super addictive, such that I can just finished the whole bowl of rice.

The damage was SGD60.50... We were pleased with our dinner at Zhou's Kitchen. We only paid SGD10.50 after rendered our SGD50 vouchers... Thanks OMY & FAR EAST SQUARE for the online voting contest!

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