Friday, August 21, 2015

[food review] Café Borsa

I was invited to a quaint and family/homely like-setting bistro, the 'Cafe Borsa' for a food tasting session. Café Borsa is located along Changi Road, and it is a new eatery place opened in April this year.
The very nice and kind Wei Wei invited me and Baby to the café, which was set up by her equally friendly and affable parents and younger brother (who wasn't present). The café was set up as a western cuisine eatery to cater to even our Muslim friends, as all the food is halal certified. The food ranges from finger food/snacks, to more main dishes, such as pasta, sandwiches, chicken wings and etc, which I will detail more upon shortly.
Wei Wei's daddy is the head chef of the eatery, and his skill stems from his hobby of experimenting on food and refining his technique. He is a passionate cook, and frequently invents his own recipes by watching various food programmes on television, in conjunction with reading cookbooks and meshing it with his own unique tastes. Thumbs up for his perseverance and indomitable spirit in cooking!
The cafe is fairly cosy, but one might need to queue up during peak hours as seating is quite limited. However, I am not the picky sort, and the place was very clean, which in my book, is already a winner! We started off with a half dozen Mid Wings (SGD5), and it tasted awesome as the meat is well seasoned. As per the chef, the mid wings were marinated overnight with their own secret recipe, which would explains the very tasty meat. The wings were delicious and I was quite impressed.  

Wedges (SGD4) are the perfect snacks or add on to a main course in any western meal, and the accompanying sauces for the wedges were very well done. The mayonnaise was home made, which is quite a feat as it gave the Wedges that extra richness.

I loved the signature dish of the eatery, and it is also the most popular. The Borsa Duck Confit (SGD12) was very crispy, and the cranberry sauce that came with it enhanced the overall taste as well. Some might find the duck a bit dry and tough, but it was very tasty on the whole. The homemade mashed potato that came with the duck is worth a mention too!
Baby enjoyed the Baked Salmon (SGD8.90), and it is the perfect main course for people who are watching their weight. I tried it myself and I found the zesty lemon sauce that came with the salmon was very good as well. 
Lastly, we were given Iced Honey Citron (SGD4) to drink, and it was refreshing and cooled down our bodies from the scorching weather rapidly. It is also home made and you can see bits of the citrus fruits at the bottom which can be consumed! There is also a hot version of this drink which is available as well at SGD3. Thanks for having us at the event, and we enjoyed every bit of it.
If you are tired of the usual Geylang local food in the area, then give this Western eatery a try! Do pop by the café for a drink or dinner if you are around the area.

Café Borsa

116 Changi Road #01-10
Singapore 41971

Opening hours : 11.30am - 9pm
(Monday - Saturday)

Tel: 6348 7688