Thursday, August 20, 2015

Welcome SG50 with Hello Kitty + random eats + sweet gifts from friends

Welcome SG50 with our very own Singapore version of the adorable Hello Kitty!

In celebration of SG50, Hello Kitty has been dressed with the theme of Singapore.

Baby is so sweet as he helps me to collect the plush toys, despite him being very diet conscious. So far, I have collected 4 plush toys, and among the 4, I like the Trishaw Uncle best.

I like this collectible set as it represents a version of Uniquely Singapore. This is definitely Singapore's very own unique version of the Hello Kitty series that all Singaporean should at least try to own!

The next 2 plush toys which will feature the 'King of Fruit' - Durian and Samsui Woman are my favorites.

Baby came to pick me up from my Korean language lesson at Suntec City, so we settled on a dinner at A1 Claypot House. A1 is currently running a 30% discount promotion due to their new opening at Suntec City.

We had Claypot Gong Bao Chicken with Cashew, Spinach with Meatball and Assorted Vegetables with Sambal The damage was SGD42-ish after the 30% off.

During my holiday trip to Japan in early August, I extended my invite to my 2 besties, Joanne and Jasmine to the Candylicious Blogger Party at Sophisca. I was surprised to receive goodies from my 2 lovable girlfriends. I love them very much. Arigato Gozaimasu / Koma si nida


My new beauty additions from Laycy, thanks Meryl for helping me to get them!

I end my post with my adorable and lovable Coco. Stay healthy always!

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