Wednesday, August 26, 2015

[Japan trip] Afternoon tea at Bvlgari Café + Ichiran Ramen

My post on my Japan vacation this year continues!

I start this latest post of mine with photos of the iconic and unique vending machines that are commonly found in Japan. 

Baby took me to Ginza for afternoon tea, and we decided to try one of the posh branded café! We settled on Bvlgari Bar/Café, and it was located on the main fashion label road, right next to the corner where the Ginza Apple Store is. 
Upon reaching, we made our way to level 10, and we then ushered to the very pristine leather seats. 
I had been looking forward to their afternoon tea box set before flying off from Singapore. Unlike the traditional afternoon tea which is served in 3-tier style, Bvlgari serves in 3 stylish black boxes! It was pretty unique and very cool to the max! 
The food tasted as good as they looked, and the tea set comes with either coffee or tea. I selected Imperial Orange Pekoe Tea by the pot as my choice. 


Having an afternoon tea at Bvlgari is a truly a wonderful experience and I tag it as Food vs Fashion.

The damage was pretty hefty! Oh well, Baby's rationale was to just enjoy the food and atmosphere as we are on holidays! 

My favorite place for Japanese ramen has now got to be Ichiran Ramen, which is located at Shibuya! The selling point for this eatery place is that they only sell one type of ramen at a price of ¥790. 

Upon entering the premises, we purchased our ramen from the ticket vending machine. We were then given questionnaires at our seat stations to instruct how we want our ramen to be cooked. This means you can basically instruct how 'Al Dente' you want your noodles to be!

The soup broth tasted awesome, and the noodles were firm and chewy too. This eatery place is highly recommend to people who are looking for a fast and tasty, yet affordable ramen meal. 

As food lovers, we will never end our day without filling up our stomachs! We stayed in the Shinjuku area so we went to various nearby places for supper. We ended up at an izakaya that offers Yakitori. 
We ordered Yakitori setYari Ika, Gyoza and 2 pints of Asahi beer. 

I am addicted to the Japanese Gashapon toys, and I love the exciting feeling of churning out random capsules to see what toys you are lucky enough to get! Gashapon are really popular among the Japanese in Japan.  

Below are some pictures of my favorite capsule machines which I found during my trip!  

Apart from the toy figurines I got from the capsule machines, I also picked up some small figurines through random boxes. 
Japan renowned UFO catcher machines are also very popular too! They use cool toys and anime figures to lure you to try a game, and it cost ¥100 per try!

I end my post with 1/4 of my snacks haul from Japan! #fatdieme

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