[Food Gem] Tendon Kohaku + Acqua e Farina + Anson Town Bistro

Baby came over to my workplace to pick me up from work, and we decided to re-visit Tendon Kohaku which is located at level 3 of Suntec City’s Sky Garden - 'Eat at Seven'

Although 'Eat at Seven' offers the best of Japan restaurants under one roof, each restaurant boasts a strong reputation. I still love Tendon Kohaku the best! I enjoyed the Ten-Don/天丼 at Tendon Kohaku. The queue was mostly horrendous when they first opened back in 2016. However, the crowds now has been significantly reduced due to the pandemic situation, especially since many companies have chosen to WFH.

 The main course cost me SGD17+, but it is still good value for money! I will definitely come back again, as I really truly love their Ten-Don very much!

Recently, we had dinner after our work at Hokkai Villa which is located at Far East Square. We enjoyed our meal very much!

Before we called it a night, we took a group photo. Thanks Boss D for the lovely dinner treat!

Acqua e Farina is a cosy Italian restaurant situated at The Rail Mall, and this was our first visit to this restaurant. Baby had been eyeing it sometime back as we often we spend our Fri-date drinking sessions at Sixteen Ounces which is beside this Italian eatery place.

 Warmed toasted bread was served shortly after being seated, while we helped ourselves with the Olive Oil and Vinegar which was placed on each table. 

Our appetizer, Sauté di Vongole (Sautéed Clams) came in an aceptable size, but the yumminess of the dish kept us wanting more! It was AWESOMELY GOOD!! 

Acqua e Farina Restaurant is a hidden gem that serves really authentic and awesome Italian food. The food portions were pretty decent, and overall, we enjoyed our dinner. Thanks Baby for the dinner treat!

I love spending quality time with my Baby on weekends! Baby brought me to 'Anson Town Bistro', and they offer traditional Chinese delicacies from Malaysia that can be found in Anson Town, which is located in the state of Perak in Malaysia.

 One of the famous delicacies in Anson Town is the Malaysia styled ‘Chee Cheong Fun’. I was delighted to find this hidden gem in Gambas Cresent (Sembawang area) for a Curry Chee Cheong Fun fix!


OMG Your main course looks amazing <3

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