[food review] DaJie Makan Place + Aux Bacchanales

There is a piece of good news to all Muslim friends who are residing in the east. A great new eatery place has opened for you to bring your family and friends for a simple yet heart-warming meal!

At DaJie Makan Place, they offer a wide array of selections! The ordering process is straight forward and as simple as possible. You can choose as many Yong Tau Foo items as you like and place them in a bowl before passing it to the stall attendants, where you can choose either noodles or rice, and the way you want it prepared!

DaJie Niang Dou Fu and Kampung Fried Rice are worth a try! There is a wide selection of ingredients to choose from within their refrigerated display. They offer 6 different types of cooking methods such as Tom Yam, Laksa, mala, Hakka, Ampang and Soup Based.

We chose their Original Hakka-style, Ampang and Mala Version for our tasting.

We went with mild spice for our mala, and it tasted pretty good!

Both Hakka and Ampang style offers yummy gravy which went well with rice and the Yong Tau Foo items which were freshly deep fried!

DaJie Niang Dou Fu isn’t the best I’ve ever had, but it tasted really decent. DaJie does hit the spot as they serve comforting and satisfying Yong Tau Foo.

 Dajie Makan Place344 Bedok Rd, Singapore 469528 ; Opening hours: 11am–10pm

Aux Bacchanales has opened its first outlet in Singapore, and it is now located at Plaza Singapura. It offers an authentic Parisienne dining experience, as it serves aroma coffee and brunch during the day, and turns into a lively hangout for wining and dining at night 

I ordered the Galette Au Jambon & Champignon and it went well with my dessert wine!

I had the Galette Au Jambon & Champignon which comes with mushroom, fried enoki mushrooms, parmesan cheese, shoulder ham and was topped with a molten egg yolk.

The Fried Enoki mushrooms were surprisingly good as it added a crispy texture to the soft crepes. The added shoulder ham was decent, and the egg yolk gave a hint of creaminess to the overall combination.

The Crepe au Chocolat came with a scoop of chocolate ice cream, a generous amount of chocolate sauce, whipped cream sprinkled with crushed pistachio and caramelized banana. I prefer a lighter fresh cream as the whipping cream they used was a tad too thick for my liking. Overall, it was still a decent dessert!

The food is excellent and reasonably priced, and the service and personality of the wait staff is incredible. There is something for everyone.


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