A great supper choice from Stickies Bar Singapore + random eats in Singapore

We went out after WFH on a random Fri-Date, and we settled our dinner at Canton Paradise which is located at Marina Bay Sands (MBS). 

Our damage was pretty affordable all thanks to the SGD40 voucher to offset the total bill.

Thanks Try and Review for the supper treat, and Stickies Bar Singapore for the smooth delivery! 


Binging on your favourite dramas or have a late online gaming session? There is bound to be supper cravings, so if you fancy a great late night meal, why not try to order some supper fix from Stickies Bar Singapore.

For the meal that I got, I chose a mini bowl of noodles - Ke Kou Mian Mini Combo (Soup base), which tasted delicious! The food was delivered promptly, and I did not have to wait long for my supper to be delivered to me. The noodles were fairly 'QQ', had a mixture of lean pork meat slices, fish slices, prawns and a lava egg! I thought the combination was quite light and not too heavy for a supper meal

A great choice for supper! The soup came in separately from the ingredients and noodles. Just heat up the soup, do add in some water as the soup was kinda salty for my taste-buds. 

Due to the number of Covid19 infection community cases that have been increasing in Singapore, our government announced work from home as a default to minimize the transmission of the virus. We started off the measures from 27 September 2021 to 24 October 2021. To reduce the risk of community transmission, only 2 people are allowed to dine-in and gathering was cut from 5 people down to 2.


Both Baby and I are now WFH, and I end my post with Baby’s prepared lunch - Steamed Rice with Beef Hayashi.


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