Squid Game at the Brown Butter Café

The Korean Drama - Squid Game has been making headlines ever since its launch on Netflix, with tons of social media contents revolving around the games played in the drama. The classic yet iconic ones include Red Light, Green Light, and the cutting game of Dalgona/Honeycomb candy.


Brown Butter Café - A local café is riding on the trend and is introducing a Squid Game challenge to you. Simply cut out the shape from your Dalgona/Honeycomb candy perfectly, without breaking it just like in the drama within a time frame of 2 minutes to win a free Iced Latte!

Meryl and I decided to visit this café to take part in the Honeycomb Challenge

Unfortunately, both of us didn’t manage to complete the challenge successfully. I broke my 'STAR' shape while Meryl only completed her task after the time ran out!

It broke, and I'm "dead"! I didn't win anything...

We flooded our IG/TikTok feeds with all angles of every Instagram-worthy corners in the café.

We ordered the Love Misu - A matcha tiramisu cake topped with a Rose-shaped Cheesecake. It was not too overpowering, with the sweetness of the moist cake balancing everything out.

Apart from the lovely dessert, we also had a bowl of Curly Cheese Fries, and we were taken back by the huge portion. Meryl loved it so much, and she finished it mostly by herself. We also ordered 2 glasses of iced tea. The total damage was SGD56.

We really enjoyed each other’s companionship and we will arrange another meet-up soon. Stay tuned to our next café-hopping destination!


Wow. I want to go to this cafe.

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