FRI-DATE at ToriBiru + KelJessLoft's Home-cooked food

TGIF! Finally after a week of working in the office, it is time to spend some quality time with my Baby on our ‘RKM FRI-DATE’. 

We went to ToriBiru which is located at East Coast Road (Katong area) and this eatery place gave us a feeling that we were back in Japan! Do remember that the waiting time might be pretty long on a Friday, so do place an order for food as soon as you get a seat!

It is a typical 'Izakaya', a Japanese Bar-Restaurant where people enjoy their beer and meat skewers at the same time!

I love their freshly grilled skewers with good cuts of meat. Each skewer is juicy and tender on the inside. It is a must-try, but it would be nice if they can serve the sticks at a go rather than individually! While I did like the vibes of the place, I felt that the damage was a bit much, so I don't see myself coming back again any time soon. However I do admit that the atmosphere is great and is a swell place to catch up with your friends over a drink!

We decided to have a DIY BBQ session at our balcony to end our Saturday! We picked up some meat from Donki and a bottle of yakiniku sauce too. We added some ingredients from our fridge such as lettuce and cherry tomatoes.


We also added Croquettes, Chicken Karaage and Miso Soup to our BBQ dinner too! We were glad that it turned up pretty good, and we enjoyed each other's companionship. We will do it more often in the near future!

Since our WFH timings are different, Baby prepared dinner for us when it was my turn to be back in the office. He whipped up a simple dinner - Seafood Marinara Pasta for both of us on one of the days and Japanese Curry over Rice with Carrots, Potatoes, Baby Corns and Sausages on another day during his WFH’s week!

Thanks for cooking, Baby  Appreciated loads!


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