Day Trip to JB, Malaysia + Weekend Brunch at Five Star Hong Kong Style Handmade Dim Sum + Dinner at Gu Zao Ren Taiwanese Porridge

On a random Saturday, we decided to go and visit Johor, Malaysia. To beat the traffic, we used the second link instead of our usual route of the Woodlands causeway link. The Woodlands route is always jammed so we decided to go in by Tuas instead. Upon clearing the customs, we drove to Bukit Indah for shopping and of course to do lunch. We settled at The Home of Original Sarawak Noodles Face To Face 对面 which is located at Taman Bukit Indah. This simple eatery place offers delicious and authentic Sarawak noodles– Mee Kolok and Handmade Pan Mee.

I had the traditional Sarawak noodle, and the serving size was pretty reasonable. They also provide different types of homemade sauces, chili and sambal, to go with the noodles. The side dishes are available as well, and we ordered the Penang Lor Bak. The damage was RM50-ish.

I picked up some earrings from Bukit Indah, and I love the earrings selection at Destiny Jewelery.

For our dinner, we went to the Marco Polo Kitchen which is also located at Taman Bukit Indah. It is a family-oriented restaurant specializes in serving a wide range of Italian cuisines.

I love the appetizer dish - The Fisherman Platter very much! It tasted decent, and some praise could be given to it!

This K-POP Chicken Burger was on promotion, and we only paid RM14.

Baby’s main was tasty - He had Seafood Linguine Marinara. The overall damage was about RM162.

Before heading back to SG, Baby Surprised me by getting two plush toys from claw machine for me! My newly added 2 new collection - Angel & Moomin. Thanks Baby!

A hidden dim sum place which located at an industrial complex in Sims Drive, the Five Star Hong Kong Style Handmade Dim Sum offers a wide selection of dim sum items.

The location is pretty ‘ulu’, and is best accessed by a car, but for us, it was about 10 mins walk from my place. I took a cargo lift to Five Star Hong Kong Style Handmade Dim Sum and it gave me an old-school nostalgic/throwback to the 80s’ vibes. The protocol is to grab any table you fancy in the air-conditioned space, before proceeding to order at the counter where you will be given a buzzer that used for collection. The prices on the men are extremely affordable.

We started with one of our dim sum staples - Siew Mai. It is surprisingly good, and I like the plump fresh filling.

We also tried the CongeeCarrot Cake, Ham Shu Guo, Peking Duck Spring Rolls, Steamed Spare Ribs and Prawn Cheong Fan. They tasted pretty good, and we will will definitely come back again to fulfil our Dim Sum craving since it is just walking distance from my place.

I am glad to have a good meal to start my day, and I pretty sure that you will leave a good note to start your day too with indulgence from Five Star Hong Kong Style Handmade Dim Sum.

Recently, both Baby and I re-visited 'Gu Zao Ren Taiwanese Porridge' which is located at Changi Road.


I really love their Taiwanese Sweet Potato Porridge, and the best part is that after ordering your first bowl of porridge, subsequent bowls are free, so you can eat as many bowls as you want!

 I love to have various accompanying dishes to go along with my porridge. Two of them are Steamed Mince Meat with Salted Fish and Chye Poh Omelette.

Apart from the comforting steamed meat and omelette, we also ordered Hot-plated Tofu and Fried Long Beans with Hae Bee Hiam.

Our dinner at Gu Zao Ren Taiwan Porridge was really enjoyable. Do check them out if you’re craving for a comforting and hot bowl of porridge at affordable cze char prices.

I end my post with my recent lunch at TamJai SamGor which is located at City Square Mall. I had the ‘Guo Qiao Mi Xiang’ (过桥米线), and it tasted pretty good! We also ordered 2 side dishes to go along our main.


I like Your apetizer too.

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