[product review] SuperHot Fat Burn™ and SuperWhite C+™ by SuperFood Lab

I am glad to be introduced to try out the SuperFood Lab products – SuperHot Fat Burn™ and SuperWhite C+™.

As you grow older, metabolism slow down, and weight gain is probably the biggest issue. You may have tried many variations of diets all these years, such as cutting down on the intake of food or even simply skipping meals in order to lose weight. Despite going to the gym and eating healthily, sometimes it is still disheartening to not see results and still have hard to get rid of fats and cellulite. Then again, having regular exercise and managing your diet is still good, but it is also great to consider other alternatives in conjunction with exercising/dieting in order to help you get rid of the most persistent fats!

Superfood Lab has come out with an easier way that effectively blocks and burn fats and carbohydrates. It is Keto-friendly with boosting fat-burning energy and also helps to shape slim and curvy body effortlessly. It is easy for consumption with individual packaging, and it is easy to carry anywhere and everywhere I go. It is suitable for people like me who work in an office and is required to be seated down for long hours, especially for people with water retention issues too!

It is an effective way for weight control, and I was lucky that I didn’t experience any side effects, despite of munching snacks, I notice that managed to lose 1-2 inches of belly fats around my waist. It does help me to boost my body metabolism, and my fat has been greatly reduced!

Sometimes a bright, clear and youthful complexion doesn't just come down to a good skincare routine or a regular facial treatment. No matter how impressive your skincare is, you will still need to add in supplements into your daily beauty regime! We need to find some daily supplements to maintain our glow!

The Superfood Lab’s SuperWHITE C+ comes in the form of individual sachets, and helps to lighten dark spots as well as improve and protect complexion against the harmful effects of UV exposure.

I love the convenient and portable pack which makes it easier to consume anytime and anywhere! You can either mix it with water or simply pour the product itself into your mouth to enjoy the goodness. It bears a tasty orange flavor, and I love it very much! Just 2 sachets a day, and you are on your way to radiant skin!

My dark spots have faded and I now have brighter looking skin. My face looks clearer on the outside and feels healthier on the inside! I am happy with the result achieved!

So if you are looking for something to consume to boost the glow of your complexion, you may consider Superfood Lab SuperWHITE C+. If you're interested to try them, and check them out at any Guardian stores or via online


I dont know this suplements and i dont know if i belive them.

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