Saturday, May 1, 2010

RMK Spring Radiant Party

BFF & I attended the RMK event @ Isetan Scotts.... The make-up artist did a very simple & natural look on the model by using the new Gel Emulsion Compact, Super Basic Concealer Pact, Spring Modern Eyes, Spring Modern Cheeks and lastly Irresistible Lip C... RMK products are designed to be easy to use for modern women....
The make-up demo was done using more primer and lesser foundation for a more natural look, as the primer would help the skin to look more smoother, flawless effects and cover up the pores. After applied the Gel Emulson Compact with a sponge... the model looked instantly refresh and natural... With the eye-color, cheek-color & lip color... The model looked even more radiant... This is the power of make-up... No wonder RMK always say "MAKEUP MAKES ME HAPPY" You look happy cos you look great after make-up...

We received samples of the RMK Gel Scrub and Creamy Polished Base 01 + a pink card for a complimentary makeover at the Isetan Scotts counter.

Thanks to RMK for organising this 'RADIANT' event.

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