Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cozycot Bloggers' Spa Buffet @ The Spa-Lon

I was invited to the Bloggers' Spa Buffet to witness the latest health revolution - ATP 38 and the new product - Light 660, A Complete Acne Solution.

Got my invitation thru Cozycot... The crowd was a bit huge and the session was pretty noisy and the crowd was too large to control. Hope that Cozycot can really improve the no. of people attending and have better crowd control in the future to ensure the invitee has a better understanding and a fruitful experience during the event...
The venue was at The Spa-Lon, Tiong Bahru Plaza...

Snapping time for Wendy, Lynn & I… We simply love cam-whoring… SAY CHEEZE!!!

Before the presentation, light refreshments were served to us. Ooooh..... I love yummy foodies!!!

~ This blueberry cheese cake tasted awesome ~
Guest Speaker of the day, A short briefing from him about the goodness of The ATP38 which targets well on the body, face and even on the scalp.

After the speech presentation on the device… There was a 'LIVE' demo and we experienced this revolutionary technology WITHOUT any doubts...

Another proud invention from TAKLIA, The TALIKA Laboratories has developed a revolutionary anti-acne treatment using the virtues of light.

Thanks The Spa-Lon & Cozycot for the invitation and the wonderful door gift.

I was given a pc of ANTI AGE RENAISSANCE MASK for a try-out...

It instantly reduces the signs of aging. It wrinkles smoothened clear complexion and appear visibly younger in just 15 minutes.

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