Thursday, March 21, 2013


CRAFTHOLIC is a series of characters designed by Ikuko Yamamoto of Accent, a Tokyo-based interior goods and lifestyle company. The products are loved by a wide audience all thanks to their simple design and laid back style.
There are 4 characters to choose from: LORIS (monkey) * KORAT (cat) * RAB (rabbit) * SLOTH (bear)
 CRAFT are creatures from the planet CRAFT and they have come to our Planet Earth to have fun. With their special ability to transform, they change their appearance in different households products.

Regardless of age or gender, CRAFT has an unusual power that makes everyone fall in love with them and become a ‘CRAFTHOLIC’ (person who addicted to CRAFT).
I am smitten by the Chic Japan Cushions and I am declaring myself that I am a truly CRAFTHOLIC... 
Baby got me something from CRAFTHOLIC for Valentine’s Day...  
 OM!! It was the X-LARGE size Rock Star Rab and it measures a super impressive size of 40 x 111cm!!
  He looks like a star... I like the stars prints on him.

Each character comes in 3 sizes:
* X LARGE- taller than a kid
* MEDIUM - big enough to use as a pillow
* SMALL - portable/huggable size

YAY!! I have a new sleeping companion. Thanks for the lovely gift and I love it very much...

In addition, Baby also got me a cute pouch from CRAFTHOLIC, and it is a Hawaii Craft Rab...
The pouch is pretty roomy.

I love the zipper as it bears the shape of the Rab figure...

Colors make my day!!  Looking forward for a pleasant day ahead (:

I want to say a BIG thank you to Baby for getting me stuffs from CRAFTHOLIC as he knows that I am a big fan of Craft and that’s means I am a SUPER DUPER CRAFTHOLIC.
OM!! I am now in awe with the Sakura Rab... I will bring you home soon (: 
I got another gift from Baby and I feel so blessed now... 
YES!! It's nothing but beats by dr.dre Monster in-ear-piece. Now, I can indulge myself in my music world... 


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