Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Product Review: LG Optimus G

I went for the Launch of LG Optimus G in February and I was attracted by the slimmest, sharpest and clearest viewing experiences that the LG Optimus G offers.
LG Electronic's proud, LG Optimus G is a high-end smart-phone that offers powerful performance, elegant design and an innovative user experience with fast and smooth transitions.

LG Optimus G is one of the most powerful Android phones that everybody is waiting for. It is a well-designed smart-phone with a bright and sharp display and great speed performance.

LG Electronics offers premium ear-phones, Quad Beat are included as an accessory item together with LG Optimus G.
Quad Beat has a broad sprectrum of high-pitched tones and offers clear and sharp sounds near hi-fi quality. It also delivers good quality low-pitched tones such as drum or bass as well.

The design is simple and minimalistic and they are available in either colors black or white. I love the in-ear type ear-piece as they are likely to produce an awesome sound experience.

Apart from the ear-pieces, a standard charger and USB cable come in as a bundle with LG Optimus G, and there is also a user guide inside the handset's box too...
I am a apple user currently, I was delighted to be introduced to QuickMemo as it let us take down some important messages or numbers on the home screen, but the bonus is that it be can saved as a image in the gallery folder. This function is done so by pressing the volume up/down at once.

I am pretty much impressed by the great speed performance, battery's capacity and lifespan, as they have added a ECO Mode function to control battery usage.

Checking out what the weather is like in Hong Kong, and this will give me a rough guide when I do my packing for my trip. I am leaving Singapore for Hong Kong in 3 days' times... Hello Hong Kong (:

Hong Kong is one of my favorite countries in South East Asia as I can find awesome food and fashionable clothes/bags/shoes, but most importantly, Hong Kong is a free port therefore the branded goods are pretty much cheaper than Singapore.

Time for some KPOP indulgence!!
You can leave the music video running while launching another app for another task. I love this function as I can sing-along to my favorite songs when surfing the net.

LG Optimus G offers a simple yet essential function for drama lovers like me... Now we can enjoy the fullest viewing experience without any obstacles as the LOCK button can be set when watching movies, dramas or even music videos.

 Optimus G is the first smart-phone with a boosting 13MP high resolution camera by LG Electronics that offers the best image quality in the smart-phone market.

Cheese Shutter takes photos easily with voice activation command just by saying cheese, kimchi, smile, Whisky or even LG.

I took my favorite tea-time snack, butter-flavored Pretz featuring Rilakkuma with the latest powerful smart-phone, LG Optimus G.

Everything is awesome for LG Optimus G except for heating issues that cause the phone to overheat very fast after a few hours of usage. I personally feel that LG Optimus G is so near yet so far for being labeled as the perfect smart-phone in the universe.
Using the ear-piece is advisable when making long hours phone-call due to the phone getting very heated quickly.

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