Thursday, September 21, 2017

[press call + gala opening night] West Side Story

The 'West Side Story' is described as 'Broadway's Greatest Dance Musical', and it is inspired by Shakespeare's tragic love story, Romeo and Juliet. This dance musical received wild acclaim during their sold-out Seasons around the world which include London, Sydney and Tokyo.

The 'West Side Story' is a musical about gangsters in the 1950's, and is beautifully mounted and filled with love, romance as well as raw emotions. The story is set in the 1950s in New York between 2 rival gangs, The 'Sharks' from Puerto Rico, and The 'Jets', a white American gang. An impossible and forbidden love occurs between Maria, the sister of the leader of the 'Sharks', and Tony, an ex member of the 'Jets'.
'West Side Story' is definitely of the world's greatest musicals for the simple reason that no one ever forgets their first time seeing this iconic show!
I was immersed by their astounding vocal range on classic songs such as 'Maria', 'Tonight' and 'America'. I was also completely swept up by the iconic scene when Tony climbed up the Balcony to meet Maria, as the two professed their love for each other.

Tony and Maria are so in love with each other that it was painful to see them end up in a tragic and bitter-sweet ending! Nevertheless, I had a great evening night of entertainment from this timeless American classic. The choreography and dancing was beautiful, and I'm sure most of the audience at the show was captivated by it! Thanks for the invite, Base Entertainment Asia and Sliding Doors Entertainment.
The 'West Side Story' is now playing for a limited season till the 30th September 2017 at The MASTERCARD Theatre, MARINA BAY SANDS.

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