Friday, September 29, 2017

[product review] OINTLAB Vital Renatured Repair Ointment

OINTLAB Cosmetics products provide nutrients and moisture to the skin. It also increases skin elasticity and protects your skin against harmful radicals from the environment. They are 100% safe to use as they are completely free from preservatives.

I was glad that the company '0.8L Singapore' sent me the OINTLAB Vital Renatured Repair Ointment directly from Korea! It helps skin restoration, anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, texture improvement, whitening, soothing and moisturising.

OINTLAB Vital Renatured Repair Ointment comes in a snazzy Tiffany-colored box. Let me wrap up my review without being too monotonous! I am new to this product as well as the product brand, but I was convinced by the smooth white creamy texture and the fresh scent. These 2 elements gave me the confidence to try it without any hesitation! I am glad that I tried it, as I would not have known that this product works so well on me!

OINTLAB Vital Renatured Repair Ointment contains natural ingredients that are harmless to us, and it repairs damaged skin! I really love it as it works well on me and there were significant improvements on my skin. I am pleased with the results, as it delivered on exactly what the product had described! My dark spots have been significantly lightened after using the product for more than a week!

Lastly, thanks 0.8L Singapore for the product! I hope my review post can help you readers understand the product better! Share with me your experience/review on the comments section below. Always remember: SHARING IS CARING! 

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