Thursday, September 7, 2017

[random] The Butcher's Kitchen + Wan Hao Restaurant

One of the trending things that was a hot topic recently was the historic boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. The fight was scheduled LIVE at the T-Mobile Arena, which is located at the MGM, Las Vegas, NV! Due to the big time difference between the USA and Singapore, the match was held on Sunday around 12 noon (SG time). I joined Baby and his friends to catch this fight at McGettigan's at Clarke Quay, an Irish bar which had a really good vibe. In order to ensure that we got a good spot to view the fight, we met up around 9am in the morning! We were lucky, as there were already throngs of people vying and queuing for seats! 
The fight results were expected, as the hot favorite Mayweather, the world champion, won the match which made him go 50 matches undefeated!

After the match, we went for some bites at Liang Court, and I had Fried Carrot Cake! I loved it very much.

Sunday dinner with Auntie Vi, and we went to Malu Malu Seafood eatery place which is located at Admiralty area (literally behind Baby's apartment). The zi char was pretty decent, but I felt it was not value for money, The only food item I especially liked was the 'Burnt Mee-Hoon' dish. I don't think that I will return again sadly, as the wait time was rather long.

Chewy came down to Suntec City to meet me for midweek lunch, and I was glad to catch up with her! Although she is busy as she has to take care of her baby Rena, she still made an effort to meet me for lunch.This is exactly what I mean by strong friendship core values! We had our lunch at The Butcher's Kitchen, and we went for the daily special set which come with a soup and a drink. 

I had Pork Cutlet with Rice while Chewy had Prawn Aglio Olio. We had a delightful 1-hr lunch date together, and thanks for popping by!

Last year, Baby brought me to a hi-tea buffet at Orchard Hotel to celebrate our 8th Anniversary. This year, he brought me to Wan Hao Restaurant which is located at Marriott Hotel Singapore for an after-work dinner celebration. My last visit to this Chinese eatery place was way back in 2012, and I missed the authentic Cantonese cuisine very much. We had Sweet & Sour Iberico Pork, 3 Egg Treasures with Spinach and Hokkien Mee Sua with Honey Pork & Shrimp! The total damage was rather hefty, but luckily Baby had a voucher for being a loyal DBS member.

Lately, I have been feeling under the weather and I've had a terrible cough. I think I need to change my diet! I've been having Pork Porridge and Kway Teow Soup for dinner almost everyday. I hate it but I have no choice as I need to follow this strict diet which was set by my Baby in order to recover and get well.

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