[service review] My first Eyelash Extensions experience by The Best Beauty Centre

Recently, I was introduced to visit 'The Best Beauty Centre', a neighbourhood beauty parlour through the recommendation from Alethea. I was delighted to be invited to do a service review on Eyelash Extensions.
The Best Beauty Centre has a few branches island-wide, and I opted for the outlet at Toa Payoh for my review session. It is located within the bus interchange or literally above the MRT Station. 

I'm quite EXCITED to share on my experience, as it was my FIRST TIME doing eyelash extensions! It was very good and I was impressed by the results!
After accepting the invitation, I pondered to myself on various questions I had about the procedure. Some of you dear readers may have the same sceptical feelings as I did, as thoughts of 'Will this procedure hurt? Is the process painful or will there be any side effects?' entered my mind. One thing that gave me the determination to go ahead and try this was getting feedback from friends who have received such treatment before. Their eyes looked much bigger and their lashes looked natural too. This therefore gave me the courage to accept and go ahead with this treatment!
I am very happy that I had made the right choice as The Best Beauty Centre led me to a beautiful world of eyelash extensions. Alright, I apologize for digressing, it's time to go into the review and my experience on eyelash extensions...
I was nervous upon arriving at the place, but Alicia, the eyelash beautician was very experienced in this industry. She made me feel at ease, and I appreciated it very much. I opted for an extension by using natural lashes, so she had to do a lash by lash extension.
This treatment required a lot of patience from the beautician as she glued up the lashes strand by strand. It only took her 35 minutes to complete the process, and it was painless throughout the whole procedure. I spent another 15 minutes to dry up the lash glue by holding a hand-held fan to speed up the process. (Do note that if the glue is yet to dry, you might have a sticky/stinging feeling if you open your eyes!)

The lashes weigh lesser than false lashes, but they look more natural as compared to when wearing false lashes! I received compliments from my colleagues that they couldn't really tell that I had done eyelash extensions, as it looked like my eyelashes really curled up! That definitely made my day at work!
For people who are still thinking if they should go for an eyelash extension, I would advise you to give it a try as the results really do make you look more beautiful! However, do remember to only approach a trusted beautician or reputable place! Lastly, to maintain or prolong the lifespan of the lashes up to 1-1.5 months, taking good care of the lashes is essential! Don't go swimming or try not to perform any activity that may affect the eyelashes!
Thanks so much to 'The Best Beauty Centre' for the wonderful service rendered to me. I highly recommend coming here to try, and this has given me a new beauty option in life! Now, it is definitely under my 'Beauty' to do list, and I trust them to make my eyes look bigger and more beautiful!

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A week has passed, and I still adore my lashes, as they look very natural and beautiful!

 Visit https://thebestbeauty.com.sg/ for more information!


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