Friday, September 8, 2017

[random] All about food

Heading up to KL for a weekend staycation is a routine activity for RKM every 3-4 months, and our KL trip is all about eating and shopping. We used to patronise Village Park Restaurant for their famous Nasi Lemak, and it is pretty hard to get a seat due to the over-whelming crowds. This time, Uncle Mike brought us to another eatery place to have our Nasi Lemak brekkie which is somewhat related. Oh well, too much information!

We went to Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock Kopitiam which is located at Oasis Square, Ara Damansara. We ordered Nasi Lemak, and although the presentation looked the same as compared to the Nasi Lemak at Village Park Restaurant, I felt taste wise, they were marginally different. I still prefer the taste of the Nasi Lemak from Village Park Restaurant.

Uncle Mike drove us to Ampang/Cheras, KL for some Hakka fix for dinner at HAKA MOI. I enjoyed some traditional hakka dishes, such as the 'Abacus Beads' very much, even though my natural dialect group is not Hakka!

The meal started off with a refreshing and unique home-made 'Kedong-dong' drink, which is made from a local fruit that is fairly uncommon. It's so addictive that it left me wanting for more!

No Hakka meal is completed without Abacus Beads, as it is a traditional must have Hakka dish. The dish is made of yam and flour, which is then fried with meat, mushrooms, and garlic.

It is definitely one of the better 'Abacus Beads' I've had so far! The yam is fragrant and the minced meat with mushrooms whetted up my appetite!

 Yong Tau Fu is the anchor dish at HAKA MOI, and I generally love it very much. It does not mater if it come in a soup or curry versions, as they are equally delicious.

I can't believe that I had the FRESHEST squid in my life! It was crunchy, juicy and with a hint of sweetness. It tasted AWESOME as a whole. The Squid Salad is not part of the menu in HAKA MOI, and in fact, it was caught alive by the owners of the restaurant who have a strong passion for fishing. The owners are good friends of Uncle Mike and Shelley, so they shared their catch with us.

August has marked our 9th Anniversary of being together, and Baby brought me to Dian Xiao Er to satisfy my roasted duck fix. We enjoyed our meal very much, and thanks for the lovely treat!

Recently, I've kept my eye on this particular flowery crop/off-shoulder top from Temt. Baby got it for me at the VivoCity outlet! Thanks Baby, love you muaks!

The CSR team had a random luncheon at Ichiban Boshi with our shippers from Starline. Thanks for the treat Mr Ken! We had a delightful 1-hour lunch with them.

My CSR team also had another lunch gathering on another day with David, Wayne, and Jack at the Manhattan Fish Market. Thanks Boss David for the lunch treat! We had a wonderful gathering with the ‘BIG MEN’.

Lastly, I end my random-eat post with a bowl of delicious Ramen which I had at Ramen Champion, Bugis+ with Su Ni, my colleague and good friend. She insisted on wanting to try out the ramen from BUTA GOD after reading about a previous Instagram post of mine on it! I had it last with Sweetie in early August, and I think Su Ni enjoyed it very much this time too!

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