[new kid on the block] Yoyic X PARTEA + POKKA Drinks + Homemade Non-Bake Jelly Cheesecake dessert

What happens when the probiotic goodness of Yoyic meets the freshly brewed goodness of PARTEA? It brings us joy and a healthier option of tea! 

Recently, Yoyic and PARTEA has collaborated together to come up with with 2 deliciously healthier freshly-brewed tea and gut-activating Yoyic. Yoyic uses the natural power of 30 billion live lactobacillus probiotics in every 100ml serving to help you activate your gut health because a healthy gut equals a happier, healthier you. 
Introducing Yoyic Rose Pu'er and Yoyic Peach Peach Green Tea! My vote goes to Yoyic Peach Green Tea, as I am a peach and green tea lover, and when these two are combined, it is divine! If you like floral tea, then Yoyic Rose Pu'er is the perfect blend for you!
Thanks Passionation Singapore for the opportunity to try out both variants of probiotic twist! Say Yay to a healthier choice of refreshing drink! 

Baby loves desserts, and I decided to make Jelly cheesecake dessert for him. No baking is required, but time is needed to chill the dessert in the refrigerator for each layer! Perhaps it is time consuming, but good things come to those who wait!

I have made a Tri-layered Jelly Cream Cheesecake Dessert! It's a simple dessert to make, and does not require any baking as well! Naturally, I can only use Philadelphia Cream Cheese to make this dessert, as it has that delicious taste and luxurious texture which makes it stand apart from the rest!

Feeling thirsty, especially with Singapore’s hot weather? It is nice to have a nostalgic refreshing thirst quencher to beat the heat! My love for Chrysanthemum Tea started since young and POKKA Chrysanthemum Tea relives my childhood days. This drink is brewed with yellow chrysanthemum flowers and has no preservatives. Most importanly, it has less sugar and I love this healthier choice of beverage! 

I only drink Soya Bean Drink from nostalgic Singapore Hawker Stalls as I much prefer the authentic taste of this drink. However, POKKA’s Soya Bean Drink is quite similar! it is made from GMO-Free whole soya beans to provide a rich and silky-smooth taste. With no preservatives, it offers a refreshing after-drink experience especially on hot and humid days. Say yay to healthier and preservatives free drinks!! 

I had this delicious Homemade Lo Mai Gai on a random weekday for lunch, and I savored every bit of it! Thanks Mum Vi for the small lunch perk during my ‘WFH’! 

I end my post with a random weekday dinner at Sembawang area after our work from home! I love dining-in, but please be safe and responsible and adhere to social distancing. Don't break the momentum! Play our part, and be safe and be responsible, as we are #sgunited! 


Wow. All looks delicious.

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