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I was introduced to PRINTMYSTUFFSG, and they specialize in stickers and printing of business cards. The bonus of using an online printing company is that if you spot any mistakes or errors in the printing work, they will compensate by printing a new set for you!

When it comes to printing, there are many factors to consider, such as the selection of the correct paper to be used, and this could be a tough job. There are many different types of paper material, and each type is unique in its own way.

For the final product, you can have a choice of either laminated or non-laminated. Laminated paper refers to paper that has a smoother texture. It's usually either in glossy or matt styles! Non-laminated paper has a more rougher but natural feel.

You can request for a FREE SAMPLE KIT from them before deciding to proceeding on the printing! The sample kit will be sent to your address at no additional cost! Oh, I love the vibes of this company! ‘Happy Customer, Happy Life’.

Ordering from PRINTMYSTUFFSG is easy! Just simply call them at: +65 8753 0413 or emailing: them at printmystuff@hotmail.com with your requirements/specifications!

Before placing your order, you might want to take some time to think about the shape, size, quantity, adhesive and finishing required for your printout. Most importantly, you must have your artwork ready to upload it for printing. If you do not have any ready artwork with you, fret not, as you can let them know what kind of design you have in mind, and they will work it out for you!

Name cards are something that I constantly look out for. As a content creator, I often meet up with personnel from PR companies, brands and other influencers at networking events. Therefore, I always ensure to bring sufficient name cards with me as I often get asked to exchange contact details.


As my name cards were depleting, I decided to custom-make another set of name cards at PRINTMYSTUFFSG's site! They are very efficient in attending to customer's requests/enquiries. Upon sending in my order, PRINTMYSTUFFSG took the time to send me a preview for my consent/approval before proceeding with the printing! In terms of delivery, they were splendid too! I got my beautiful package within 2 week's time!

I went for 300 pieces of 260gsm cards of UV Varnish cards with double-sided full color printing. Instead of the traditional standard sized name cards, I opted for a cube sized one this time! As for the design, I wanted to keep it simple and easy to read, and PRINTMYSTUFFSG followed my request to design it.

I am very pleased with them! I went for a marble background with my favorite Tiffany green color. On the other side of the name card, I put my contact details, social media platforms and the content genres/topics I have covered all these years on my social platforms.

If you are looking for a supplier who provides printing and designing services of customised foiled/labelled stickers, business cards or even wedding invitation cards, do consider PRINTMYSTUFFSG! Do check them out at their social media platforms:







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