[Jess Baby's randomness] Dine out at TungLok Seafood / Aburi En / Hokkaido Ya + Simple product review on Micellar Facial Gel Wash

We celebrated our 12th anniversary over a meal at TungLok Seafood. Baby booked a table for us for this occasion, and it is located at level 11 of Orchard Central.

We love seafood, so we had a blast with the Chili Crabs, Shark's Fin with Fish Maw Soup and Broccoli & Scallops with XO Sauce!

We ended our dinner with some desserts! 

We spent quality time together and I enjoyed with moment with him. Thanks for the unconditional love you have given me for the past 144 months.

After a 5 months hiatus, I finally revisited Hokkaido YaVivoCity on a Saturday afternoon. It tasted still as good as before!


We had our lunch there, and we did some shopping in the mall. To our horror/surprise, we discovered that some retail shops had closed down. It was a pretty sad to see many shops being affected due to the COVID19 pandemic. Do remember to support local businesses! Together, we can make the difference!

It is always nice to dine out after a day of WFH. I have been staying in Woodlands ever since the Circuit Breaker started, so naturally, when dining out, we will go nearby places. This time, we settled our dinner at Aburi En which is located at Causeway Point.

I really love the sides that we had ordered. The Deep-fried Oyster was wonderful, and it became one of the items in my 'must-order' list! The Gyoza tasted pretty decent, nothing special to shout out! 

The damage was about SGD60-ish, and this is a treat from me to my Baby Hubby. This meal is to show my appreciation for all the things he had done for me all this while. Muaks Baby!

I end my post with my current facial cleanser from Simple!

I love this Micellar Facial Gel Wash, and it is a super gentle and fragrance free cleanser that does not leave my skin feeling dry. The packaging looks simple and clean to me. I am pleased with it, as it is very affordable, and I will definitely be repurchasing and recommending it to my friends who have sensitive skin!

Lastly, being a proud Singaporean, I wanna show my love to Singapore, Happy Birthday! May prosperity and happiness be with Singapore as well as to all presently staying in Singapore! Oh yes, I've almost forgotten about the NDP fun pack! I love the new design of the canned drink - Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea!


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