[Happy Ice Singapore] Alert all Boba fans : 70% discount for Boba Ice Cream Bars up for grabs!

Recently, I was introduced to Happy Ice Singapore and they are the authorized distributing company for Xiao Mei, Arty Cream and many other products. I am very delighted to collaborate with them.

With the rising popularity of the Taiwanese Brown Sugar Bubble Tea, many of us are crazy over it! If you are a fan of boba, and want to try something different, ice cream bars are definitely a must try!

Their new variants on-board are Taro Chunks & Boba Ice Cream and Pudding & Boba Ice Cream!

Boba ice cream bars have made their debut, and this ice cream variation will be the next best thing to the drink itself! It really tastes like signature milk tea with actual pearls in the bar! OMG! Brown Sugar Boba fans should give it a try!

This milky dessert is a relief for hot sunny days, and each bar has a perfect balance of creamy milk and brown sugar, with generous boba pearls.

I love the uniqueness of the Taro Chunks & Boba Ice Cream. The taro bobas are super chewy, and each bar consists of alot of taro chunks! Being a taro lover, it has been a taro heaven experience for me.

The Arty Cream 3 Flavors and these handmade ice-cream products are from Turkey! They use graded chocolates for their Ice-Cream. I love these artsy fartsy creations!

It is now available at Shopee (SGD12.90 for a box of 4). Now, you can enjoy a 70% discount capped at SGD8 when you enter the promo code 'HAPPYJQ' at the checkout page. You should be paying less than 5 bucks for a box. Don't miss out on this great deal, as the promo starts from now and will be ending on the 14th September 2020.

Lastly, thanks for sending the products over! Do check out the other flavors, especially my favorite Taro Chunks in Shopee.


I want to try a ice-creams with kitty's shape.

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