[KelJessLoft] Home Sweet Home

new chapter of our life has unfolded. We have moved to our new place!

We adhered to the very traditional way of entering our new place!

Many of my friends are asking if we are staying in a penthouse as they observe that my picture of my new place shows a high ceiling. I am here to answer the question, and I am indeed staying on the top floor of my block! We have a cozy loft in the house where we are going to turn it into a rec room for Netflix as well as for our PS5/Nintendo Switch!

I love the pool view from my balcony!

We replaced our default shower head into the SONAKI Crystal Vita C Shower Head which is power-packed with vitamin C which helps support the body’s immune system as well as as to reduce the severity of cold/flu symptoms. It is also an essential factor in collagen production. This allows for me to have an alternate choice to achieve these benefits without the need for taking it orally!

Both Baby and I enjoyed the 3 shower-settings (shower, rain and massage) very much. To us, taking showers are akin to having personal quiet time, as we get to wash away the daily toils and weariness of the day!

Lately, many people turn to these Reed Diffusers with natural sticks to seek relaxation in the comfort of their own home! I was glad to have been introduced to receive the perfume diffusers from KUNDAL as they are an easy and typically inexpensive way to provide relaxation and aromatherapy.


I placed it in the restroom, and it is pretty effective in scenting the place up. It is economical and durable as they can last for up to 1-2 months or more! I am currently using the ‘Baby Powder’ scent, and if you are sensitive with some essential oil scents, do opt for ‘Baby Powder’ as it has a light floral powder scent!

I purchased these two useful magnetic ‘climbing man’ from Lazada, and I use them to hold my keys as well as to hang my masks!

Both Baby and I are tea lovers, and therefore create a small space to store our tea bags. We named it ‘RKMteaMoment’Most of our tea bags are from Singaporean’s favorite brand, TWG and Steven Smith TeaMaker from Portland. 

Lastly, we invested in the Dyson V8 Slim Fluffy+ as our reliable household mate to clean up our house! After using it for a few weeks, while it is quite pricey, I must say that it is a really good tool for cleaning the place up.

Hope the situation gets better, so I can throw a mini house-warming in the last quarter of this year!


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