MAY Partibox + product review - Nivea Intensive Moisturizing Milk

I love this month's edition of my Partibox subscription. They will definitely be useful for my WFH schedules! Let me share with you on what there is for May's edition!

Here I am into my eleventh month with them, and I am glad to be with Particlub, as the goodies are getting better each month. I feel a great sense of anticipation and excitement everytime I am about to receive my box! The bonus of this subscription is that receiving my monthly 'Parti-package' delivery is a breeze as they send it promptly to my doorstep!

I am pretty interested to find out the goodness of this iWhite’s Instant Teeth Whitening Kit. I am going to give it a try once I move in to my new place in mid-June. I will definitely share on my experience using this, so do stay tuned!

The iWhite’s Instant Teeth Whitening Kit comes with 10 prefilled trays which are to be aligned with the top and bottom row of your teeth. It's to be left on for 20 minutes before rinsing off. It's going to help to eliminate dark stains caused by consumption of coffee, tea, tobacco and red wine!

I also received the Best-Selling BamNut Noodles from WhatIF Foods. These are plant-based instant noodles which are free from preservatives and artificial colors and sweeteners. In short, they are healthy, high quality, and eco-friendly, as they are made from Future Fit crops such as the Bambara groundnut, which is high in protein. They also contain more fibre and less fat than other popular instant noodle brands in market. Their seasonings are lower in sugar and sodium.

Another useful and practical item for my WFH is the popular Kuching Kolo Mee from Buy Beyond Borders (BBB).

The value store card from New World Carnival is worth SGD10. I was invited to their soft launch in Marina Square. Do click here for more information!

I love to snack in-between working hours, hence this snack pack of Jin Mo Fang Cuttlefish Squid from BBB will come in handy!

This month’s Partimerch is the Limited Edition of Parti BBT T-Shirt. I love this super cute tee!

That summarizes all the goodies that I got for my May edition from Particlub! I am now so looking forward to the next edition! Do stay tuned, as I will ensure to share on the box's content on my space again!

I was happy to have been selected by 'Try and Review' to do a review and they sent me a bottle of NIVEA Intensive Moisture Body Milk. It is enriched with high concentrated Vitamin E and a new non-sticky formula! It helps to repair dry and rough skin to become soft and smooth immediately. With the new formula, it also provides an effective yet natural care for silkier and smoother skin.

The rich formula of Nivea Intensive Moisturizing Milk nourishes your skin and leaves it supple and soft for 48 hours. Since the lotion has a runny consistency, it absorbs faster into the skin. It is very good in combating dry areas of the body such as knees and elbows.

Thanks for sending the product over and for the wonderful try out. I do hope my mini review can help to give my friends and readers a better understanding about the product! Lastly, thanks for reading and popping by my space!


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