[Dine-in] Gu Zao Ren Taiwan Porridge + Tampopo + Nana’s Green Tea + TamJai SamGor

I recently had a craving for a comforting bowl of porridge, so in order to indulge my stomach craving, Baby brought me to 'Gu Zao Ren Taiwanese Porridge'! It is located at Changi Road, and they offer an extensive of variety of items on their menu to choose from.

I love the Taiwanese Sweet Potato Porridgeand the best part is that after ordering your first bowl of porridge, subsequent bowls are free, so you can eat as many bowls as you want! Out of the assortment of dishes you can choose, my favorite is the Stewed Pork Belly with Mei Cai, as it goes very well with porridge or rice.

Apart from the Stewed Pork Belly with Mei Cai, we also ordered Sambal Long Beans, Cai Poh Omelette, Braised Claypot Tofu and Sweet and Sour Pork.

Our dinner at Gu Zao Ren Taiwan Porridge was really enjoyable. Do check them out if you’re craving for a comforting and hot bowl of porridge at affordable cze char prices.

Baby and I spent our mid-week dinner at Tampopo which is located at Ngee Ann City. This eatery place is well-known for their Kuro Buta, and we ordered our mains which featured Kuro Buta.

We ordered some sides to go along with our mains, and we shared a plate of Tempura Moriawase and Soft Shell Crab.

Baby renewed his membership in January and we were given a SGD38 welcome voucher. We used it for my damage, and this was my treat for him. We felt great after eating something so yummy, and it was a good relief from a hard day's work.

My random lunch with my office lunch mates at Nana’s Green Tea, DUO Galleria. We went for their lunch sets which were from SGD16, and each set lunch comes with soup and a drink of your choice. I went for Houjicha Latte and Curry Chicken Katsu. Nothing beats having a nice meal and a great chat with my lunch kakis!

Saturday’s breakfast: Home-made Sushi.


Baby bought a packet of Calrose Rice and some Japanese Cucumbers from Fairprice, as well as a box of pre-packed Tamagoyaki from Donki. I bought a packet of 5-pc Nori Sheets and a bottle of Sushi Vinegar and Sushi Rolling Mat from Daiso.

The only role that Baby held was to cook the rice. I cut the Japanese cucumbers and tamagoyaki into long strips. Since there were some leftovers of Spam in the fridge, I decided to add them into my sushi!


Taadah! The sushi was done… This was my first attempt, and as per my Baby, he said it was pretty well-done! I promised him that I will make it again real soon...

We will try to cook on weekends, as we have spent our weekdays dining out. Both of us enjoy home-cooked. I found some Buckwheat Soba, Shredded Roasted Seaweed and Bonito Noodles Soup Base at home, so I decided to prepare Cold Matcha Soba for lunch.

I also bought Cabbage and Bacon Strips from Fairprice and a packet Okonomiyaki Mix, Okonomiyaki Sauce and Bonito Flakes from Daiso. Apart from the Okonomiyaki, I also prepared some Soba noodles. We were glad that it turned up pretty good, and we will have more of this often in the near future!

I end my post with my recent lunch at TamJai SamGor which is located at City Square Mall. I had the Guo Qiao Mi Xiang (过桥米线), and it tasted pretty good!


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