Lunch at Taliwang Restaurant and Supreme Pork Chop Rice + Buffet Dinner at Carousel - Royal Plaza on Scotts

We had our lunch at Taliwang Restaurant which is located along Kandahar Street, and it serves authentic Halal Lombok Cuisine.

We ordered some mains to share among us, and below were some of the orders.

We shared one of the signature dishes – Ayam Bakar Taliwang. This is an iconic dish from Lombok, and the chicken was well-marinated with a Taliwang flavor. It was char-grilled perfectly with a tenderness that still retained a juicy bite.

We had a wonderful dining experience at Taliwang Restaurant!

Baby made use of his WFH week, to prepare dinner for us. He whipped up a simple dinner - Meatball Pasta for both of us on a random weekday. He also prepared some salad to go with our pasta too! 

On one of our random weekdays, Baby picked me up from my workplace, and we went to  Supreme Pork Chop Rice which is located in a hidden eatery on the basement of Bulkhaul House along Beach Road area.

The Supreme Pork Chop Rice serves tasty Taiwanese-style pork chop rice. Both Baby and I ordered the signature Pork Chop Rice which featured fried pork pieces, mixed vegetables, preserved vegetables and a bowl of clear soup.

The chilli sauce was served together with the pork chop rice, it was commonly found in any chicken rice stalls. The sauce enhanced the pork chop meat flavor even better! I really like the Taiwanese-style pork chop, and it was pretty addictive too. I love how the finished pork chop was topped off with a generous seasoning of pepper and spices.

It’s an affordable meal option around the working area, and I will be back again with my lunch kakis!

Recently, my colleague/friend E helped me to pick up up a flare top which bottoming had a loose mesh stitching from Taobao. This black top  cost only SGD8-ish include shipping, and it goes well with denim shorts.

My Boss, D organized a dinner buffet for the SALES, SALES SUPPORT and CSR TEAM at Carousel which is located at Royal Plaza on Scotts. Some of them were working from home, and therefore they have to travel down from their home to meet up at the venue.

Buffet spreads are now available at the counter, but you are still unable to help yourself to the food. Rather, a staff will be there to help you take the food from the counter instead of during pre-pandemic times whereby we were allowed to help ourselves to the food.

We made about 3-4 rounds serving, and I personally really prefer the traditional buffet, whereby I get to walk around thinking/looking on what to eat next as compared to the Ala Carte ordering by scanning the QR code to obtain the menu during the pandemic period.

We started off the buffet with raw oysters and some seafood items such as mussels, crayfish, prawns and crab legs.

We also picked up some sushi and sashimi too! They tasted good and fresh.

I had Mushroom & Potato Soup with Bread and a slice of Teriyaki Chicken Pizza which unfortunately i did not really enjoy them. I decided to proceed for dessert. 

The Thai Milk Tea Ice cream was pretty good, and paired perfectly with a quarter slice of waffle that I chose.

Thanks Boss D for the dinner treat, and we had a good gathering with S. After our dinner, I left and headed over to meet Baby and his friend for a drinking session at a nearby area.

After our booze, the effect of post-drinking hunger kicked in. We drove over to The Rail Mall for supper, and we settled at Springleaf Prata Place. We had a prata each and shared a bowl of mutton soup. Happy Tummies ; Happy Us!


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