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BreadTalk® - Singapore's Homegrown Brand

One of the BreadTalk outlet in Singapore - Wisma Atria... always seen to be one of the most busiest outlets islandwide... Due to excellent and hassle-free location for consumers to have a quick bite... BreadTalk has a signature 'see through' kitchen allow the chefs to showcase their expertise and share preparation work for the freshly baked bread to all the consumers...

My all-time fave from the very beginning till now... I can proudly say is pork floss bun... I give a nick for it as Flossie... I grew up with BreadTalk, from a tertiary student to a working adult...I still enjoying eating my fave flossie (their signature - Flosss) till now...Sentimental is the word to use on me... Haha!

Just like BreadTalk from a homely local brand to the well-known worldwide branding in the food industry... I am proud of breadTalk for their rapid business influence in other countries...

I am really looking forward to try out the new - Japan Light Cheese Cake...

BreadTalk is celebrating their 10th anniversary and they are rolling out their Fantastic 10 products which have enticed patrons over the past 10 years. Each piece of bread bear a story in it.. Look beautiful & unique artwork yet taste heavenly...

Recalling back in 2002, “Dinosaur” bun was created, followed the “9.0” bun to raise fund for the tsunami victims in 2005, and the most recent Leonardo and Merrily is to welcome the world with Singapore in August for the Youth Olympic 2010...

Among the 10 icons... I love LUVBITE & KimCheese the most.... BreadTalk collaborate with Singtel for helping the under-privileged children... They did a GREAT job for helping the needy... Thumbs Up!!! As for the Kimcheese, I am drama freak... Love Korean dramas to the bits....

Presenting the Fantastic 10 icons for BreadTalk (2000-2010)

Flosss 松松 (2000)
Our signature in pork flosss & egg cream. 1 Flosss sold every 10 seconds worldwide. Have you flosssed today? 我们的招牌猪肉松和蛋黄酱“松松”,全球平均每十秒钟便售出一个

O’Sambal O’叁芭(2001)
Terrorisingly hot! O’Sambal marks the opening of Peranakan Place with spicy prawn and cheese. Sedap! 为了纪念娘惹坊的分店,我们借着这叁芭虾米芝士面包,把独特娘惹饮食文化带给大家!

Dinosaur 恐龙面包(2002)
“Jurassic Park 3” sales surged through the roof, so did our Dinosaur buns filled with diced chicken sausages. [侏罗纪公园3] 票房大卖,我们的鸡肉香肠恐龙也同样大受欢迎!

BULL RUN 牛转乾坤 (2003)
A rendition of our signature Pork Flosss in celebration of IPO after 3 years. We herald a Bull Run! 以酥皮牛角“松松”庆祝我们成军3年后上市,寓意势气如虹,像牛市一样旺!

LUVBITE (2004)
A partnership with SingTel, our strawberry custard LuvBite shares its love with 30,000 underprivileged children. 这草莓卡士达面包连同新电信筹款活动,为3万名低收入家庭青少年献出爱心。

9.0 救灾(2005)
9.0 raised $90,000 for the Indian Ocean Tsunami victims – in a chicken rendang creation topped with bonito flakes. "救灾" 咖喱鸡肉和柴鱼面包,为印度洋大海啸的灾民筹得了近9万元。

KimCheese 大长金(2006)
BreadTalk® was at the forefront for infusing K pop into our bread – KimCheese made headlines with kimchi & cheese. 永远走在潮流尖端的面包物语,巧妙地把韩国风融入泡菜芝士面包里,成为佳话!

HAIRY CRAB 毛手毛脚蟹(2007)
At the Singapore Food Festival, Hairy Crab celebrated Singapore’s iconic dish and BreadTalk®’s Signature Pork Flosss. 为庆祝新加坡美食节,我们将最具代表性的本地美食和招牌“松松”合二为一!

PEACE PANDA 平川熊(2008)
Our humble creation to support Sichuan Earthquake victims. We raised $100,000 with this chocolate custard bun. 我们借助巧克力卡士达熊猫的力量,为四川地震灾民筹得了10万元善款。

Ferraberri 草莓法拉丽(2009)

Ferraberri shares the first night race experience through a custard-filled croissant with strawberries & chocolate chiffon wheels! 我们用牛角面包、卡士达、草莓和巧克力雪纺车轮制成跑车,与您分享首届夜间车赛的喜悦!

Leonardo 可爱(2010)
Leonardo welcomes the world! Filled with Bak Kwa chunks, Leonardo is akin to our signature Pork Flosss with egg cream & pork flosss. "可爱" 跟我们的招牌“松松”一样都主打肉松和蛋黄酱,却多加了肉干馅来欢迎各国选手噢!

Merrily 美丽(2010)
Merrily welcomes the world! A treat for seafood lovers with its tuna filling and nori seaweed flakes topping. "美丽" 带来了鲔鱼馅和海苔片,在此热烈欢迎各国选手!

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