Wednesday, September 12, 2012

LOVE MORE: Snail Mucin Healing & Hydrating Mask

I just had my relaxing mask-ing treat after a long day of work. The mask feels soothing on the skin, and the scent lifts up my mood...

Love More's latest innovation premium-ingredient mask, Snail Mucin Healing & Hydrating Mask that provides wonders for our skin.

With Super 4 Upgrade - Deep Hydrating, Anti-Aging & Firming, Healing & Repairing and Hydrogel Theraphy

An upgraded version as it is enriched with precious snail mucin - A new 'darling' in Korean Skincare industry. This mask hydrates the skin and heals epidermis issues for a renewed and younger looking complexion. It is also infused with Collagen to provide firming effects too.

Enriched with the award-winning SYN®-HYCAN, you can give your skin a younger and fresher feel. 

The texture of the mask sheet is very thin and it is soaked in rich essence (25ml).

After mask-ing, my skin is rejuvenated instantly. I am happy that my skin feels clearer and smoother than before. I feel my skin is well hydrated and looks more radiant. My face looks less stressed than before and that sum up my thoughts about this mask.

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