Sunday, September 9, 2012

Re-visit : Dinner at Saizeriya restaurant

I am back again to Saizeriya restaurant, but this time, I visited the flagship restaurant at Liang Court. Baby and I are falling in love with the wide variant of food entrees offers to the diners, and of course, we are greatly attracted to the price tags indicated in the menu.


We topped up a minimal charge for a free flow of drink from the drink counter bar, I am pretty impressed by the wide selection from drinks at the counter.

A must item to start off in a ‘Italian-based’ restaurant... We had Garlic Focaccia, flat oven-baked Italian bread that is lighted salted with herbs and garlic.

I enjoyed the Chicken Stew very much, the chicken meat chunks were tender, and the gravy was perfect dip for the Garlic Focaccia.

Baby ordered his favorite Soup Pasta Asari as his main course...

I had Mushroom Chicken Special Sauce Pasta.

I always have a soft spot for escargots, Baby don’t like them… YAY!! I can have them all myself… Hahaha!! ‘SMITTEN’ is the word to use on me when it comes to escargots. I ordered a half dozen Oven Grilled Escargots, as it is the most rave item in Saizeriya restaurant on the net.

The fragrant already won me over, and with the help of garlic butter, the escargots tasted amazing. I finished them in second… I WANT MORE!!

My dinner was wonderful and it worth every penny spent! The staff was pretty attentive, and the service was decent too… Nothing to crow about it, as there is no charge for service charge and all prices indicated in the menu are inclusive of GST. I’ll be back, DEFINITELY!

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