Thursday, September 20, 2012

Quality time spent!!

I love weekends as they are meant for our 'RKM' activities, and Baby and I were heading to JB to spend quality time together.

We visited the newly opened KSL Hotel & Resort Johor Bahru, it was the largest integrated hotel and resort in Johor which is located within KSL CITY Shopping Mall.

Upon entering the hotel, we were greeted by the luxurious chesterfield sofa, and we took some pictures in the lobby.

We went to the Auto Show which was held at the EXPO, KSL CITY.

  We spotted a DORAEMON car, it was so cute, and my gut feeling is telling me that the owner of this car must be a SUPER NO. 1 fan of DORAEMON...
'Long Live' Japanese Anime (:

 This was super hard core!!
Blasting music from the car-boot, party-ing all the way wherever the car brings you LOL...
 We came across some cutesy mooncakes in Malaysia that will make one’s day. The mold of the mooncakes featured popular Japanese cartoon characters such as Doraemon and Hello Kitty.
Each mooncake was packed nicely in a transparent sheet-bag and the package makes it as perfect gifts for this forth-coming Mid-Autumn Festival.
 Time for good makan!! Baby drove to Jalan Chengai, Taman Melodies and we settled at Sing Kee Restaurant for dinner. This eatery place is worth a mention and visit as it had been popular among the locals for nearly 20 years.  

Sing Kee Restaurant has been Baby's favorite food haunt during his childhood times, and he based on his memory on ordering on the delicious cze char.
The Braised Beancurd was cooked in a special way, the sauce looked and tasted exactly like the gravy for the hor-fun. I like the unique way of the cooking for this dish and it worth my both thumbs up!

I love the Pork Ribs and Bittergourd in Black Bean Sauce loads, this was definitely the highlight of our dinner as the gravy was so delicious that I finished my bowl of rice. Both Baby and I savoured every single bit of it...

We ordered the signature Curry Fish Head, it tasted alright, but I tried better ones. The curry gravy was pretty addictive but it will taste better if it is spicier. 

 The damage was reasonable and we had a delightful dinner at Sing Kee Restaurant.

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