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Media / Bloggers Preview of FrightFest 2012 @ Singapore Flyer

Following the great success of the inaugural FrightFest last year, Halloween creeps in to Singapore Flyer again… FrightFest 2012@ Singapore Flyer returns as a three-week long event, and for the first time, it will collaborates with Singapore Polytechnic (SP) for this latest instalment of FrightFest. A strong team of 17 Year Two students from SP’s Diploma in Intergrated Events & Project Management will transport the guests to a spectacular movie-themed Halloween Experience.

We were a few to be the first to experience the biggest Halloween extravaganza in the city district, and we are going to find out what lurks inside the award-winning rainforest beneath the Singapore Flyer. As we wandered through the winding path, caves and waterfalls, the ghouls and ghosts brought our innermost fears out as reality and we came face-to-face with Asian and Western characters from popular horror movies such as the Exorcist, A nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Dead Silence, Dark Waters, The Walking Dead, Stephen King’s IT and many more.

Before we started our haunting journey, we played some games first, to calm down our senses before the confrontation with 'them'

I am pretty sucky in playing games, but I still managed to get the collectible (key-ring) from the Singapore Flyer all thanks with the help from William.


Before we went on to ‘The Undead Forest’, we were given a mission and the task was inside the capsule of the Singapore Flyer, so we boarded the World's largest Giant Observation Wheel...

OMG! The cityscape was incredibly beautiful at night. Oh well, before we can really admire the night scenery, we were given a mathematical question. The task was to get the no. 13 using the all equations on the given 10 random card numbers, and we needed to solve it before we finished our ride on the flyer.

All thanks to Sweetie, as she solved it within 15mins, so we had another 15mins to enjoy the night view and of course taking pictures too.  

Time for photos galore for the daring ones...

With Jasmine and Sweetie

With my bold pal – Terence

 Both Andrew and I were feeling scared, as we were about to finish our flyer ride and it meant our haunting trail was about to start.

We headed straight to our Halloween journey, once we disembarked the flyer. We slowed down our footsteps as we were pretty scared to venture into The Undead Forest, characterized into the Asian and Western zone... We brace ourselves by taking a deep breath and gathered our courage to meet the undead. F.I.N.A.L.L.Y, we were all ready to confront our fear...

We were greeted by the Guards of the Hell (Bull Head and Horse Face). The Chinese believe that, they will appear only when one's life span is up. The scare level - 1/5

The scare level is 5/5 for Mitsuko from Dark Waters. She attempted to grab my arm by increasing her walking speed towards me, and luckily, I was on my guard and managed to escape, so she missed my arm... Hahaha!

As we were walking in the creepy forest, we saw many wandering souls walking, limping and even crawling towards us. All of us dared not cross their paths, as they will suddenly give us a horror surprise.

The scare level is 4/5 for Sadako from The Ring, and she came out from the gigantic TV and got to the ground and crawled towards us, I got a horrified surprise when she grabbed my ankle tightly out of sudden when I walked past her. The fright impact was pretty bad for me.

BEWARE!! I encountered some zombies like The Surgeon, Rocker Zombie and famous movie characters Mary Shaw from Dead Silence.

Terence took a photo with Mary Shaw from Dead Silence.

As we were walking through the forest, I was pretty impressed by the props used for the Exorcist like bed, bible and the cross. 

The scare level is 4/5 for Exorcist

The scare level is 3/5 for The Surgeon

I took a photo with The Surgeon...

Terence took photos with The Surgeon and Rocker Zombie. He simply loves taking pictures with ’them’

Sweetie and I took a picture with Freddy Krueger from the movie series, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Jason from Friday the 13th.

The eerie forest is full of eerie sounds and the props used were pretty scary, I was bracing myself as I walked past ‘them’ but some of them just simply don’t want to leave us alone, they followed instead. Oh well, I don’t like to face them, so to counter my fear, I asked them for a photo instead... OMG! They were alright with taking photos with us, slowly as it goes, our fear level was subsided. *PHEW*

Successfully managed to escape from The Undead Forest, and we SURVIVED! I am proud to say that I have challenged my threshold for fear. YAY!!

We were lead to the cocktail reception once we done with our haunted trail, we were given a glass of Halloween Special dessert drink (eyeballs)... I was pretty skeptical to drink it, as it looked horrid and gruesome, but surprisingly, it tasted okay and safe.

The ghosts and spirits from ‘The Undead Forest’ joined us at the cocktail reception too... Kudos to them, as they did a very good job to scare and entertain us with ONE ultimate joke, OPPA GANG NAM STYLE... We had a wonderful OPPA GANG NAM STYLALLOWEEN!! Hahaha...

The award -winning rainforest will be transformed into an eerie hideout of the scariest demonic ghouls and lingering ghosts who gather to wait patiently for the one to come. So are you BOLD enough to challenge your fear!!!

Thanks for the invite, I am glad to be the first few to experience this horrific trail in ‘THE UNDEAD FOREST’ at the Singapore Flyer... We had a scary night-out at FrightFest 2012.

FrightFest 2012 begins to haunt on 12 - 14, 19 – 21 and 26 - 28 October 2012 ; Admission to The Undead Forest is from 7.30pm to 10.30pm

Early bird sales and packages are now available for Halloween enthusiasts who want to get in line to experience chilling and thrilling Halloween creeps. Simply purchase them by logging in to www.singaporeflyer.com or at Singapore Flyer’s ticketing counters.

FrightFest Value Pack includes a shiver down your spine spooky trail at The Undead Forest as well as calming your fear down with a pleasant flight up the flyer. For the strong-hearted, just head to the admission to The Undead Forest, as early bird prices starts from SGD18. Remember to come down in your BEST Halloween costumes to win attractive prizes.
The meek and the young children can join in the FrightFest 2012 celebrations with special fringe line up programmes such as the Halloween Carnival & Flea, Waterfront Party zone and Kids’ Corner.
There is a place for everyone at this iconic attraction, FrightFest2012 @ Singapore Flyer

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